3 Bugs Reported


Hi Devs,

I’ve had 3 observed bugs since the end of the event.

  1. Titan Fight Ended after 30 seconds

    • This one really makes me frustrated and frankly upset. We’re given very little opportunity to hit titans, and every hit counts.
    • Within 30 min of Titan Spawn, running Caedmon, Magni, BoldTusk, Grimm, Sartana
    • Red Dragon, >80% life’s remaining
    • Unable to easily reproduce
    • Of all things reported, this one really I want fixed
  2. Monsters disappearing when starting a level

    • Stage 5-6
    • Cademon, Magni, BoldTusk, Sartana, Scarlett
    • Middle monster absent from frame 1
    • Unable to easily reproduce
  3. Special doesn’t hit opposing hero in raid

    • Cademon Special did not hit Hu Tao, when no status affects (blind) were applied
    • Occurred in raid
    • Unable to easily reproduce/test

Finally, I’m Unable to access Beta build

  • In game name Deacons

If you can please help attain some resolution, specifically to #1 above, I’d really appreciate it as I’m a very active member in the community.

Please ask if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Titan Battle over after 30 seconds/ ending early

I’m assuming you have the most recent version of the game (and your device’s most recent OS…

Have you reported any of these glitches directly to SG game support? Especially the first one?

From in-game:
Menu > Options > Support (Technical)


Yes, most definitely latest update of the game. Happy to provide screenshot.


When I log in using my Google account, it doesn’t connect. I connected with Facebook, but it didn’t connect with Google. I did a factory reset on my smartphone, because it was acting up, so I was setting everything back up, and this didn’t reconnect according to one of my few apps I have. Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bunyan (Game name)


Nunya is the name Bunya as it shows.


Have you looked this up in the FAQ in game?

Menu > Options > Support > (top button)

Here’s one article:

Here’s another that might be helpful if something goes wrong:


Actually, I have done that, and it hasn’t done nothing, and I have reported
a bug, and nothing has been done. Yes, I have done everything on my end.

Respectfully Submitted,
Christopher B. Lane


Bunyan what a typo error from the autocorrect on my smartphone. That’s why
corrected it with Nunya as the correct game name. However, Yes, I have
reported the bug to the game developers to fix it. With some screenshots,
and the game ID# as well so they can see the problem. Thank you for your
time, patience, and understanding.

Respectfully Submitted,
Christopher B. Lane


I’m glad you submitted the error; I know Small Giant was closed over the holiday…please give them a few business days to get to your request. Happy New Year!


I also want to add another error what i noticed since some time but i was not sure until i observed directly. Sometime go when i was raiding i was under impression that when i had a hero ready for the special somehow lost de mana and i could not use its special. in the last 2 days it happened twice and i was finally sure that actually happend. Yestarday i was ready with Athena to hit with the special when an opposite hero hit me with a normal atack ( no special and no other efect on Athena at the moment)and it lost the special attack and mana bar went back and i had to do 3 more tiles to get the mana back. It also happened today with another hero and its getting frustrating in raid especially when opposite team get the mana regen so fast. Please fix this issue.


I have to report a bug too. I have two level 13 training camps and train elites on both of them. As you know it takes 48 hours to train an elite. Its the third time today(at 4pm +3 time zone) i do not get any hero (none). It takes a lot of resourse and time but you get nothing. Please fix this bug.
With regards


Please contact Game Support for help, from your game screen by clicking:

Menu > Options > Support (Technical)

ALSO ON ANY FAQ PAGE, will be a link for submitting a New Request.