Beyond class 20...?

I have a problem with Rigard’s talent grid. After level 20 talent grid not progressing as it should.
03 April 2020, 13.00 EEST
I’ve restarted the game, the phone but nothing…

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No bugs here :slight_smile: the class talent tree does not go beyond Node 20.

You’re now free to start working on another cleric!


You got to love this guys initiative!!!


Someone else made a #ideas-feature-requests asking when tiers 21-40 will be unlocked so… Not alone :thinking:

Im curious as to what number op thought it goes up to as he wrote “it doesn’t progress as it should”

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You know… it really isn’t a bad idea for 4* atleast- go another 20 nodes but, at 5* emblem costs 65,50,50 etc. Might be a great buisness move by SG. C2p not spending much on pulls but would buy guaranteed emblem deals for 4* to power up to be competitive.

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Yes, but that would put 5* summoning at very high risk… + 40 4* might be as strong as + 20 5*, just as + 20 4* were as strong as 4/80 5*. And many 4* like Rigard or Wilbur or BT or Proteus, have amazing skills, rivaling any 5* skill. Imagine costumed Rigard at + 40, being fast with another mana node… Undying… Most likely a great number of players would turn their attention from chasing 5* to upgrading 4*, and that’s bad business…

Hiya @Zero-G.

Node 20 is as far as it goes.

You cannot go “back down the tree” or “pick the other side too”.

You choose ONE path & get ONE side only :slight_smile: hope this helps.

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