1 year of playing 50 % f2p and 50 % c2p, 2 TC20 running, 6 green 5 star heroes 7 tonics

Yesterday my 2nd Lianna went out of TC20… now i have:

Evelyn (maxed), Elkanen and Tarlak 3-70, Lianna_1 2-60 and Lianna2 1-1, Kadilen 1-1.

I wont mention all the green 4 stars i have levelled and more important the green 3 and 4 stars i would like to level. Sturdy shields are not enough as well but more important are the tonics. Sturdy shields i get once in a while so that i can ascend a green one from time to time (to seldom still)

see as well:

this looks pretty unbalanced…

Are there any f2p friendly features planned to bring this more in to balance (get more am for greens, 'exchange green 5* to other colour 5 *) or am i left to sit and whine about this situation (in case i don’t want to start buying ascention materials (which i haven’t done so far and don’t plan to do because i found it too expensive… just took vip and cheap gem offers so far…)?

Any hope?

Kind regards,


Yes, based on only having 1 tonic, do Hansel.

I did the same thing and my green raid/titan stack comprised of Tarlak Buddy Eve Hansel Lianna.

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The alchemy lab is currently in testing which will allow you to convert spare items into others of equivalent value, whether the final release will be F2P friendly we really do not know yet, but there is pressure from both the paying and free playing sides of the community to focus on it being accessible to all players, since the free players arguably need the building more.

Likewise the hero academy is due for testing later this year. As of now, nobody knows for sure how the building will function but it is believed to be aimed at exchanging unwanted heroes for something different.


thanks for the information. I must admit i have ignored so far the threads on alchemy lab because i thought it might be to early to look into it before it is released (or shortly before). is it worth reading them (meaning is there still a lot of change and time ahead) or is it soon to come?

To be honest I also don’t pay attention to those threads on here either, so I’m not sure just how much info is given in them, however I am in beta myself and the first couple of testing phases of the alchemy lab have both been a swing and miss situation. There is a fair amount of work still to be done on them


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