1.13 Release Notes & Status



Status (June 19): We have now released the update for both Android and iOS. Please update your game!

  • Content for the new Summer Event added.
    • Prepare to meet the Sand Empire in late June!
  • Avatar Shop added.
    • Get new Avatars, Pins and Backgrounds to customize your avatar!
    • Avatar Shop inventory changes often - check in daily to see what’s available!
  • Alliance War improvements and changes:
    • War Rules added. Each war now has a specific War Rule in effect. War Rules change how the enemy team is supported during battles.
    • ‘Revenge Attack’ now deals damage relative to the health remaining instead of a fixed amount of damage. ‘Revenge Attack’ has been renamed to ‘Enemy Arrows’.
    • ‘Enemy Boost’ increases the attack power of enemy heroes.
    • ‘Enemy Aid’ heals all enemy heroes.
  • Smaller Fixes and Changes:
    • Local Leaderboards added. You can now see how your trophies measure against other players in your region.
    • New chat room ‘Experienced’ available from player level 20 onward.
    • Two new common Troop types added to ensure all elements have same amount of troops available in summons.
    • Rare Titan appearance rules fixed. They should now appear more consistently for all alliances that have titans of 5 stars and above.
    • Hansel’s and Gretel’s Spell Slay effect is applied also at the end of the turn if mana is full.
    • Red Hood’s Fox minions resist mana drain again.

Offline player unavailable for raids
[SOLVED] Red Hood: Resist Mana Skill Temporarily Removed (Fables of Grimforest)
Offline player unavailable for raids