Your latest promise or resolution

This game has a way of making us do irrational things.

Just wondering if anyone here likes making ridiculous promises to themselves

Mine is currently:

"I’ll ascend Agwe for 8-7 farming once I pull two more fine gloves… "

(I have fifteen fine gloves but I can’t stand the thought of giving one of them to Agwe :joy::rofl:)



LoL, I just stopped killing those geese hoping to get better results by killing them before they reach the right side.


I have now levelled Agwe and Gobbler, much to my chagrin.

So my current resolution is that I WILL ignore dupes, finish Isarnia, and then the last 8 or so 3* I have.

Then my roster is finished, until Richard gets six new scopes or I pull another unique hero.



I’ve actually kept my promise to FINALLY work on some 3 stars. I’ve been promising to do that for the last year :grin:


Im level 49 with only 5 3* heroes maxed. What level are you all?

I’m Lvl 61 and been around for about a few months short of two years

Don’t think lvl has much to do with it though

You just become a bit jaded after the long grind :joy::rofl:

At that level, is there a point where u have too many 5* heroes at 3/70?

I’m level 65 and I certainly don’t have too many 5 stars. I’d like some better ones though (of my 4 stars, too).

Joon and Thorne are on the way, it’s not that many I guess

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I will finish 6 4* heroes of each color before I start/resume the 5*… almost did it, Lianna got to 3/50 in between (that’s the “ridiculous” point) :smiley:


Lmao, @Olmor I have almost convinced myself I’ll have a better summons if I can take out the geese or the dragon before it leaves the screen

P.S I did pull both Proteus AND Wilbur, my holy grails so to speak, for a long time. This after taking both the geese and dragon down!! Definitely 100% proof that this works 1 out of 1 times!!!



Thanks @Rfm, I’m sure I have a few posts there already. I’ll add another

I know but that one is good!

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I promised myself early on that I wouldn’t spend anything on the game. That lasted 10 months until last Christmas. Then I decided to buy Rudolph’s gift … AND a gem pack … AND an Atlantis pack (got me Kiril).

New promise, only the gem pack with alliance member gifts since then.

PS. Just reached level 51 after 18 months of playing. 7 maxed 5* so far.


To stop spending money. I’m C2P at best now, I’ve got plenty of heroes no need for me to be dumping money into this game anymore.

I promised myself I would only level up all my 5*'s to at least 3/70.
Then Seshat popped up in my roster, so that blew that promise.
To add insult to injury, then G. Jackal appeared, and that threw Rana to the bench.
Currently maxing Ulmer, since he’s there.
Still have Layla maxxed.
Maybe I should max Aife, just to keep the pattern going?


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Hmm… I let them all live and get great pulls.

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