You can't unsee this (Jean Francois)

Jean Francois has always looked like he’s looking away to the side. Aloof and confident, pondering about life and battle. It’s a really cool artwork of him. But in reality…

Once the red glint in his eye fades away, this smug mofo’s actually looking at you all this time. You can’t unsee this.

You need to do a close up to see it


I think you unintentionally uploaded the same image twice? :sweat_smile:

They’re different but I don’t see what I’m supposed to be seeing. It was quite easy to unsee.

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I think I see it now. :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Ruskin505! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you don’t look closely, JF looks like he’s staring to the side. There’s a red glint on jf’s eyes, when it fades away, you actually see that he’s staring at you instead

Nope, the first image has a red glint around his eyes. The second one doesn’t and he’s actually looking at you

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Yes, I could see it straight away!

If you’re using an iPhone, click the image and the second one will have his head slightly lower and as you say, his eyes are different in the second one :joy:

Okay that’s pretty cool. I had to go look at my JF to watch it in action, but yep I can’t I see it now :grin:

Honestly not what I was expecting, I thought this was going to be about JF already holding an Aether :joy:

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Zoom in picture

@Tidyup I think you should add “Zoom in picture”. It will make people to see it easier. :slightly_smiling_face:

Jean Francois with the red glint in his eye…


Once the red glint in his eye fades away…


I think his fireball is fire aether II or III :smile:



Red glint is his pupil. All red pupil. Ok I see it now :joy:

Red glint in Jean Françoise only available if you look at the full body animated portrait.

Aside from the small description Musketeer Mage that is his epithet. I have always thought there was little more to him.

My theory is that JF is not human, but rather he is a Dhampir - A half-vampire and half-human hybrid, having the strengths of the vampires, but none of their weaknesses. His innate ability is that he is immune to drain-life type ailments, which are, not surprisingly, used by the vampire heroes (Victor, Valeria, etc.)

Red glint in his eye might be a reflection of the vampire side of him surfacing briefly.

He may also be a hunter of vampires, he is a practitioner of fire magic, while may not outright kill vampires, but could slow them down enough so his rapier, which could be made of silver delivers the final kill.

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Lol, yup, can’t unsee that once you do…

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