XP per player level requirements & rewards

level 60, 1068k xp, 92 hero slots, 46 world flags

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Level 44 and I have 38 flags

We know buddy. Just like the table says…

Alcaselzer posted the question…shoot me

@alcaselzer Hi buddy, got any numbers for me?


Haven’t used many WE flasks lately

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Lvl 61 gives you 47 flags 20181205_093450_rmscr_1


level 61, 1105k xp, 92 hero slots, 47 world flags

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That was super fast!

Not particularly, I’m playing mainly the underwater levels for the last mission and actually it takes about 1.5 days to gain 65656 xp that way

level 62, 1144k xp, 94 hero slots, 47 world flags

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i reached lvl 37 and i got 2 more hero capacity (was 100 - bought 30 with gems in the past, and now im 102)

will screenshot later and post

… game update changed things? :thinking:

My hero capacity did not increase on level 37.


34 we. Sorry my app cuts off the headline

A teammate is lvl 37 also. He has 97 max capacity.

Another teammate is lvl 37 also. He has 102 max capacity.

So they added +2 when lvling up to 37. No doubt about it.

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Changed level 39 to 72 max capacity. Maybe I made a mistake. I dont have a screenshot of the level up.

Actually should be changed starting with 37.
I’ll feedback here starting now next lvlups.

@Pois1 @_John_Doe maybe these will help with the questions around level 39

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I calculated the exact xp required to get from 52 to 53, from 53 to 54, and from 54 to 55. When I was about to level, I checked how much xp I needed, completed a map level that got me over that, checked how much I needed for the next level and added the surplus I got from the map level.
52 to 53: 810772
53 to 54: 839149
54 to 55: 868519

The xp required to level increases by 3.5% each level. This seems to be valid from level 24 (309K) to level 77 (reported 1902K, based on my calculation it should be 1916K).

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