Players leveled in low 70s? When was E&P released?

Yesterday a member of my alliance raided someone that was a level 82 player!! I dont think I’ve seen anyone over 70 so I was really surprised at an 82. Anyway I was wondering who the highest level player is. If anyone knows please post
Thank you

@Nanner81 You’re not the first to wonder about this!

Check out this thread where we’ve been having a similar discussion (FYI, depsite the thread title, observations about players in the 80s are discussed too):

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Check out some of the top alliances like 7DD and Crystal Palace and you will see some 70’s. @Uclapack is highest I have seen myself at 78 currently. Cool question though. @Razor what is the highest level you know of?


@Slingbow the high 70’s is the highest I’ve ever witnessed. I will note that SOME of the players in the 60-70s I recall were much closer to my range previously (I’m now 54).

@Nanner81 @Yikers this will likely become a project to get an actual answer…, though Empires & Puzzles could provide it in a minute if they wanted too. Another stat that is common in most all games - what level did the HIGH SCORE reach (or what was the highest level reached as high score doesn’t always correlate to highest level reached)! i’m just not going to take another month to find out.

To confirm it does take a lot of time to get through a level after 30+. Each longer than the last obviously (I know I’ve seen a document on it - just no idea where).

I started playing the 2nd week of July 2017 when HEL was the 1st HOTM. My first year I literally farmed and played from the time I woke till I went to sleep. With all that I do now I just don’t have the time so I purchase EVERY LOOT TICKET option I can. As well pay for World Energy. So for me to get passed up like I have several or many of them have to be doing what I’m doing and also still farming all day? I just don’t know how someone can continue it at that pace for that long otherwise.

I have to interject that pursing the HIGH SCORE (Individual Trophy Count) in todays v17/v18 terms I corresponded with

a player who told me she had been playing the game since 2016

I just checked her level, it is


and they are the leader of their alliance - so you know they are very involved still... in 2016 the game was in very limited release compared to today (and I recall it was mid or late 2016).

@Kamikaze_Assassin would know the highest level a Crystal Palace member has reached.
@Xero786 would know the highest level reached was in 7DD.

These would likely be the best players/alliances to question guys… that I know of.

@Olmor just confirmed your


I’d be curious who it is and how long they have been playing - let me know!!! :sunglasses:
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I have seen lvl 82 as the highest until now.

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Just adding these as references for the conversation:

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He is up to level 83 now.


Uclapack is the highest in CP and she is 78.

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I think it’s really fascinating how huge a gap there is between your level and some of your former peers. As you observed, it’s hard to imagine how some people would be so extensively farming — particularly for so long.

I guess maybe some people have kept up with your former all-day pace, perhaps.

I’m curious — of course there’s some WE max benefit, and a bit of roster expansion…but do you find it in any way useful to have achieved a relatively high level? Is it something you think about at all?

Or is it sort of like aging, where at some point you almost lost track of exactly what level you are?


I will post a screen in a minute let me make sure it is ok first of the level 82


This is the 82 my teammate raided yesterday

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They have been playing a long long time I would imagin

It is possible for busy folks to not keep up that pace. I know of a player from early 2017 who is only in the 40’s.

Naturally those daily players (or hourly!) should be rewarded with that substantially higher level number. :grin:


Spending fortunes for WE and loot tickets…

Yes that account is a small fortune! For sure

Now I’m wondering about this lol, great!

@zephyr1 I’ve not noticed anything in terms of a benefit at being a higher level player (sure you get a WE -don’t recall if it’s every time though and a small amount of troop slots - neither helps - especially troop slots - longer you play - the more heroes you have to keep - so increasing what they give you as you rise should be the case not decreasing it).

I can make this statement with 100% certainty level doesn’t add anything noticeable… I can overtake and stick at No.1 (or top 3) in the Leaderboard with players that have 10-20 levels on me and troops much higher than mine (like 5 28-30’s) and teams that are more aggressive than mine! I’ve seen some comments however that some of the higher players think the LEADERBOARD is not accurate - I still see them take runs at it though…

I’ve also noted players with less experience than me and troops WAY LOWER than me with not even close to the team I have overtake me and can stick… so I guess this would be the gripe…

And NO i’ve never thought about getting a high level after seeing people pass me up as quickly as some have and personally not feeling I’ve benefited from the higher level. No bragging rights because the game doesn’t show us what the highest level is. Everything I have said here in slight detail is really in my face at the moment and I’m not liking it. Hope new owners will make some adjustments…

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You’re welcome. :wink:

This is what I imagined, that at some point it’s effectively a cosmetic change more than a practical one. As @Rook alluded, the substantially higher level number is essentially itself the reward of recognition of the time grinding.

This is a bit off-topic, but the common compulsion about rankings in its many manifestations — including those more established players who seem to care about their own or others, as well as those newer players who come to the forum with conspiracy theories that “the top players don’t want anything changed that might displace their rank” — has so far always baffled me. I understand that it’s fun to see your name listed up high, but it does seem a bit arbitrary with the way the current system works.

But I digress.

All of this makes me wonder if there could/should be some greater form of reward and recognition. It seems like the current systems have some upper bounds on things to try to achieve as a long-term player.

I’m hoping that the 2019 additions are helping to shift that — I’d hate to see players like you become less engaged.

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Sorry man, I know you are busy as all get up on the site–wow, pulling troop data now.–amazing! Didn’t mean to start you down another path lol

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Well I notice at lvl 42 that I can hit a bunch of map or event items in a row without a red flask (WE power!), and I assume I’d have even more at a higher lvl. Hmm!

It looks like a pretty slow climb — level 42 has 37 flags, and level 62 has 47 flags, according to the chart @Pois1 made on XP per level requirements

Heh. I’ll take my flags then and run with it!

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