Xenomorph prime recruiting

:crossed_swords: Xenomorph prime :crossed_swords: is reqruting new members that likes to kill titans :dragon_face:, and like to use all war flags! :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords: Check us out , join us to have fun and win with desire!!!
We are international fellas, always here to help each other’s! We like to have fun, have desire to win , but we understand how bad can be the boards :smile: Welcome to all experienced ppl :crossed_swords: Be part of our fellowship !!!

Line: Johnnyk1985

Interested in a merger? We seem pretty similar in team strength and goals. We have 18 in Insurrectionists Knights (can move one account out). This would get a full alliance. You would need to come to us as we are part of a larger alliance family that is one of the oldest in the game. We also use discord to share info among alliances. Shoot me a message if interested, we can discuss any co-lead positions and any other concerns you may have.

Hey thanks for the interest :slight_smile: we are open to merge but in this case not , becouse we wont leave our aliance, i understand that you are biger with members, but that’s the problem about merging no1 whanna leave the aliance :))) yes we culd be perfect fit i just saw your aliance :slight_smile: i wish you luck in reqruting ! We are going to grow again one by one :slight_smile: !!!

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