Wu Kong misses vs Gregorion critical damage chances

Is it me or…on paper Wu Kong’s ( - 32 %) accuracy vs Gregorion’s ( + 30%) chances of critical damage hit should allow him to have a better chance of landing an attack than Gregorion right?

By the description on both it basically says Wu has a 68% chance to land +185% attack and Gregorion has a +30% chance to land a critical attack.

Sooooo…WHY is it that “In the real world” aka “in the game”…(with Wu) THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN???

He misses almost 50% of the time when his special is activated…and that’s being generous depending on the situation i.e titan, raids, war.

First, Gregorion never causes a miss. The worst that happens is that a tile/slash is a normal hit, instead of getting a crit boost.

Second, every claim to date that Wu Kong is missing too much is countered by someone who patiently video-records a long set of matches using Wu Kong and carefully counts the hits and misses. It only seems that Wu misses more than 32%; no careful analysis has shown otherwise.


Since I face a lack of AM my rooster have been the same for a long time now (have Gregorion at 3/70), basically I kill the same titans using the same teams. And I have noted that my scores are pretty much lower than used to be… Sorry but I blame Wu since he is the only one present in all matches. Or titans have been using steroids?

I don’t want to hear “Wu Kong is only 32% miss rate blag blah blah” because it’s crap. The number of times all 3 tiles miss with Wu is supposed to happen 1 in 33 times. It would be an outlier. But it clearly happens A LOT more often. Now, say you level a hero with a 32% chance to raise his special 3 times in a row and is successful. How often does THAT happen? It doesn’t.