🏰 Wolfgang – 5* Holy / Yelow from Clash of Knights

Probably will get taken away during war equalizer, but his family bonus gives him a 35%/50% chance to make a buff undispellable if you have more wolf family heroes. Unfortunately if he is the “lone wolf”, then it will probably go away before it activates.

Hi. May I ask a question of you, guys? Wolfgang’s 2nd skill says “The caster reduces all received damage by -50% for 4 turns.” How about Ursena’s reflection? If Wolfgang receives damage by Ursena’s reflection, is the damage that he receives also reduced by -50%? Thanks in advance.

If u have two wolfgangs and they both go off will you get two boosts? Or do they overwrite?

That is actually a good question! I would think this applies to say Sif riposte as well. I’ll be clamoring to have an answer as well!

Hope someone can clarify this.

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Definitely overwrite. Similar to say having 2 Prof Lin, the HoT will overwrite each other.

War equalizer will also remove undispellable buff though. Pity.

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They don’t have what to overwrite bcoz the buff from Wolfgang it’s for himself, only the overhealing it’s for all, so if you have 2 Wolfgangs you will get double overhealing.

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Its not hot tho. And u know what…why dont i just go to a map and test it…duh ducky! Lol

Yep! It does boost hp from both! Thanks guys

ooofff! noice!! Double Overheal!

Might have jumped the gun limit breaking this guy. I really liked the idea of him, just kind of wish they had found a different combination. He’s my first hp boost 5* and the fact that multiple specials after the first is kind of just a measly damage instead of something else more useful is disappointing. Anyway, I’ll keep messing around with a good team comp for him. Thought I could use him without a healer but average speed and then still waiting 4 turns is just too slow on defense.

Wish they had made his HP boost as a countdown icon so you could have more than one up at a time instead of making back to back firings feel worthless.

I don’t think he’s going to be amazing in the role of primary healer just because the heal effect will be too slow at average speed +4 turns. He is, however, arguably the best supplemental healer around right now. Usually my team comps are 1 primary healer, 1 supplemental healer with useful secondary effect, 2-3 damage dealers (if I only run two hitters I run an additional support hero with a strong effect like Evelyn/BK/cKad/etc). Don’t think of him as your healer or the main damage dealer for your team when you build around him. Build around him as a gadget hero that does it all and bring at least 1 strong healer and 2-3 damage dealers and you’ll see his true power.

How often are you firing him twice in four turns in a match where you desperately need him? I honestly don’t see this as a common problem, more of an embarrassment of riches in matches going well where you could afford to hold back firing an extra turn anyhow.

Because his HP boost is not immediate and the damage is somewhat inconsequential, I just wish that he did something else to rationalize firing him a second time while in that 4 turn window. I usually run him with Sif and he’s ready to fire sometimes right away. Maybe if they just had his HP boost immediate if you fired him consecutively that would be great. Yeah, there aren’t really any times I’m relying on him to fire desperately twice in 4 turns, but there have plenty of times I’m just sitting with him charged for 2-3 turns waiting to be able to fire him again without wasting the HP boost. Just hoping, with these units being in the group that SG wants to make money off of, that they find some way to have a second firing in the 4 turn window beneficial.

Any unit that has a second fire almost always has some kind of benefit (extends the buff, extends the debuff, adds another fiend etc.) This seems like one of the few that has no benefit to their support part of their special by firing again within the 4 turn window. It doesn’t less the turns you have to wait, or start a new additional one that countdowns, it just doesn’t seem to fit into SG’s normal special creation.

I don’t know that I’d say 325ish damage to all is inconsequential. Probably not enough to justify firing him early unless you could finish off a defender about to fire, but there are several support heroes where firing them again before their previous effect expires isn’t ideal (think BK/Krampus/Ludwig, or in the non-taunt heroes think of one’s like Onatel or Lady Locke where their effect is backloaded).

So guess his delayed heal effect would never fire in war equalizers? That reduces his versatility somewhat…shame cuz he’s such a good hero otherwise!

Maybe if you fire him instantly after the buffs are cleansed , then it willl have an effect.

This effect will might be better in the Tower events, where the effect durations are reduced with 1-3 turns.


I thought war equalizer removes all status effects every 3 turns…and his heal needs 4 turns to fire. :thinking:

Good point about the tower event stages with reduced effect duration!

I got him on a lucky coin pull and have him on 3/70…

Am still building up my 5* bench. Was on the fence about ascending him all the way if I can’t use him in all wars.

4* mats are in such short supply, would rather use them on heroes I can take everywhere

I pulled this guy today with the Black Friday pull. I’m not too sure if he will take the place of Zurie who I was planning on ascending next. He looks good but not too sure about him with that delayed healing

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