Win Raids on PoV II

They are gating you in this PoV compared to the last PoV. Last PoV, I was able to complete the Win Raids challenge. Last PoV, it was complete X number of raids.

This PoV, I’m on Win Raids 5 and now I have to complete 60 diamond raids. I do not have a team to compete at that level. This means I will not progress as far this PoV. This is just plain wrong. It should have been the same as last PoV.

And before someone comes in and says, get a better team. This would be the equivalent of them changing the Tournament Battles challenge to defeat 60 enemies without dying.

This is just wrong, plain wrong!

/rant over

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There is more wiggle room this time. If that’s the only thing you don’t complete, you will still be well past lvl 50 on POV. You can miss multiple final stages of Valor Challenges now.

I won’t finish that tier either, but I will certainly try, and I fully expect to finish the POV.


I will not be able to complete Kill Titans either as my alliance is having issues killing them. We’ve only killed 1 since PoV 2 started.

You have over 8000 points of leeway to get the 4* mats, and over 5000 points to get to level 50. Do you want them to put training wheels on it for you?


Why is your alliance not killing titans? You don’t have a star requirement anymore, so even 1* will count.


No training wheels required.

Are you saying winning 60 raid tournaments is having training wheels? That’s a lot of effort.

I guess you would be clapping if they changed tournament battles to win 60 battles in a row with out dying. Perhaps changing Attack in War to Win in War? Where your alliance HAS to win in war to receive credit. Are those challenges with training wheels?

The object of PoV should be a challenge. Yes, I get that. But it should also be designed to keep you playing. Keeping someone playing more/longer increases potential revenue.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose what Titan appears. Titans 7* + spawn

No. I’m saying that to reach level 50, you only need to be able to win 20 Gold raids.

Look. They’ve increased the points for the dailies to 150 each.
They’ve redistributed the points for the Valor Challenges so you can skip the final tier of any 2, and if you use all your war flags every time, you can skip the final tier of any 3.
For crying out loud, if you do all the other challenges, you can skip the raid one entirely and still finish.

Seriously, how much easier do they have to make it for you to be happy?!


If you keep letting them go, the star level will drop to a manageable level for you. If you guys haven’t done at least half of its health in the first 12 hours, stop hitting and let it go. Don’t use flasks or bring in mercs. Save your flags for the next one.

There are 52 titans in PoV. You only need to kill 35 to complete the final tier. That’s 2 out of 3.

If everyone is hitting and they are just not quite strong enough, dropping to 5* will make it manageable.
If you’re missing titans because your alliance mates are not using their flags, then it’s time for the alliance leadership to step up and lead. Let the deadweight know they need to step up or step out.


Dunno what you Expect the pov is ment to be challenging for everyone! Not everyone is going to compete it. If you don’t like it just unistal the game.
It’s the same thing all the time the negative on pov really isn’t needed

If I do 20 facepalm emojis does that count as 20 characters?

Wouldn’t bother me at all! See what I can do sure that’s pretty hard to do 60 Raids in a row, in 52 days. But least can level people in them days to get to sliver gold platinum diamond.

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So you would be perfectly fine for them to change Win Raids to win 60 raids in a row without dying? Or changing Attack in War to Win in War? Asking for a friend.

I will not be able to complete 2 challenges. Raids and Titans. Both are not because of lack of effort on my part.

I’m not asking to be able to win or reach max level on the rewards. Heck, I only reached 46 or 47 last PoV.

I didnt nearly make it on my account last time on completion lucky I had the extra day on the tournaments that I did.
I missed a few make pots n stuff on daily quests.
As never used then let alone make them.
Just do what you can.

If you’re seriously upset because the alliance you’re in is incapable of killing 35 titans of any size in 50 days, change alliances. It sounds like they’re holding you back.

Or is it your attitude?



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Did you even read my initial post? Where did I even mention Titans. I’m talking about gateing someone on raids because they are not in diamond. It should be “win 60 raids”.

I don’t care about the Titan challenge because that’s a TEAM challenge.


That’s not a good comparison. Winning 60 tournament matches would be almost impossible since eventually rng will give you a terrible board. Winning 60 diamond raids just requires you to play the game and improve… which is what you’re supposed to do. Pretty sure you couldn’t win 40 gold raid matches when you first started playing the game yet here you are.

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is your goal to complete all challenges to the maximum level?

Again, there is no requirement to finish the raid challenge in order to receive maximum rewards. I note you haven’t responded on this yet.

As for titans, you brought it up in one of your messages. So, hey, the question is valid.

Oh, and you can miss the final level on that AND raids and STILL get milestone 50.

So, to answer the question in your very first line on this subject, no, they are not gating you in this POV compared to last. It’s vastly easier in every aspect except the raid one. And that doesn’t really matter.


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