Will the new classes make the anchor hero spreadsheet unuseable?

I’m just curious.

As i look at GM words are that he would be very much stronger. Would that make him a more usable tank?
Same for Guin but the other side around…

Would guardian owl suddenly be a very usable hero? etc. etc.

Anchor/7DD are rating them A, B, C… etc. Comparing with not upgraded 4-80 is easy, that’s in the sheet. But what when the upgrade makes fi tank much better?

I hope i’m not giving the lot a lot work extra :smiley:

Classes sure change things, but in a very umpredictable way.
I mean, you can choose a bit how upgrade your hero (all for attack, more tanky, balanced) and that plus your avalaible troops can really change the outcome of your team sinergy.

I mean, if things was subjective before (different people had different opinions) after the class update things are objectively different for every team, making (especially raids nd wars) really umpredictable.

At least for me, some heroes that before i never thought to upgrade (call them Quintus or Justice) are my first choice right now.


classes open a brave new world and Anchor’s spreadsheet will surely evolve to keep up with the new directives

I guess so.

If I’m right, the new talents grid allow us to speed mana up for some heroes ?

If it’s the case, slow mana heroes could get a new life, no ?

Edit : I just saw on the example gave by SG that it could be only + 2 % faster. Won’t change the world finally lol

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