Will Path of Valor eventually require Alchemy Lab, Hunter's Lodge?

I have my Alchemy Lab at Level 1, and nothing researched in it yet. I have buyer’s remorse at having even done that much.

But seeing how some of the current Path of Valor challenges had me crafting Super Mana Potions (for example), I’m wondering if perhaps I ought to level up the Alchemy Lab and research all the levels… just in case?

Same question could apply to Hunter’s Lodge - though I do have that one maxed up and researched, even though I only ever use it to make Harpoons.

Thoughts? I don’t want to get caught with my pants down on Path of Valor and miss out on completing a daily challenge because I don’t have the necessary building leveled.

If by chance I missed other discussion on this and we don’t have to worry about advanced buildings/crafting for Path of Valor, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

All I can tell you is there were none in beta. However, I could see this being the case on the future (or even this one at higher levels though unlikely).

The real answer is, nobody knows.


Probably in the future. How else are they going to make people use buildings that are no use to them? :japanese_ogre:


Oh, please no :smiley: ı don’t want to upgrade poopchemy


Let’s look at the stuff that needs a day or more to craft and just rule them all out as possible daily quests.

That said, I’d give a 50/50 chance that some kind of ridiculous crafting quest makes it into some step on a longer PoV challenge in the future.

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I hope not, that seems a little excessive. How long does it take to get there, a year?

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EDIT: madmarv beat me to it :wink:

A little something else to chew on: for a daily challenge, anything above Level 6 is no good, as those take 24+ hours to finish. Level 6 takes 12 hours, Level 5 takes 9 hours, even Level 4 takes 6 hours… those all would even seem a little rude to expect people to queue up in advance of the end-of-day. And if they were to require three to be crafted (like the quantity of Super Mana Potions I had to make), then I would assume they would have to use the lower/faster levels.

I would also expect outrage. :wink: But in order to limit my fury, I guess I’ll level it up. Not like I have anything else to do with the iron at this point.

Good gaming!

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No. Please don’t make me use that overpriced screen decoration! Some (I said some, not opening that can of worms here) people are already not happy with PoV, but to add “make XX in the Lab”, would prob make it worse.

Just my 2 cents.


I can see them asking for harpoons, maybe. But like others have stated, if it takes too long it can’t be a daily quest. If they decide to do some of these types of quests, I hope they give us a month or so notice.

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