Wilbur's special skill

Hi. Just a quick question about wilbur’s special. Do color targets affect the shared damage status?

For example, if wilburs special fires against a rainbow team, and i fire a blue sniper at them, should i target their red hero (so there will be a positive multiplier for color before the damage gets distributed)? Or it doesnt matter who i target?

Ex. Blue sniper base damage is 1000pts. If i target a red hero, damage goes up to 2000. Then that damage gets distributed among the 5 heroes? Each takes 400 damage? Is this right?

Conversely, same blue sniper targeting green hero, damage gets reduced to 500, then gets distributed for only 100 damage each?

Strong / Weak colours do not impact special skills at all


Special attacks are color neutral except the ones “deals additional … against …”, e.g. Ursl vs holy or Athena vs fire.

But strong tile damage has a huge impact if Wilby is active.

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But you can target the opponent hero with the lowest defense number so more damage will be done to their team over all


How about those that have elemental def debuffs? Like jackal?

This is very useful info. I have always just randomly targeted opponents…

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They reduce the enemies def to that color which allows to hit with more tile damage of that certain color and secondary hits (specials as well as slashes) of heroes with the same color are heavier.

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What he means is that the NATURAL resistances don’t play into it.

Additional Elemental Resistance or Debuffs DO count :slight_smile:

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That’s not how it works. Unless stated otherwise (like deals more damage against some color) in description of the skill, the special damage does not depend on the color of the target,

Here’s some useful guide for Wilbur:

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