Why would anyone use Wu Kong on defense?

Don’t get me wrong I love me some Wu but his benefit lies in cascading tiles + high tile damage heroes, he seems like an absolutely horrid choice for a defense team that only generates damage through specials and scheduled defensive attacks.

Anchors hero grading chart has Wu listed as a B on defense team and his special effect on defense as an A. If this isn’t just misinformation can someone explain to me how his buff is in any way desirable for a defensive lineup?

Wu can be dangerous if you dont know what you are doing… If he fires his special you could be in shot load of trouble… With that said he is easy to take out :smiley:

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Lol, cause, for some reasons, 75 % of the players don’t even know how the game work.

Just look at def formation / composition, you often can meet some horrible things (in low tiers of course).

Wukong in def is garbage, there is nothing to add for me :blush:

edit : gonna make it cooler. When you see some Cyprian at 1st or 5th place in a def comp, or a tank instead of being at the center, you know that some ppl just put their heroes randomly. That’s what I mean.

Wu Kong’s special works on special attacks too, so getting hit with +185 from someone’s special hurts (if they don’t miss). You might be thinking of Tarlak, his special does not increase other hero’s special damage.

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This sums it up which goes both ways. Seen Wu on defense makes me think that the offense is hoping for a n00b to strobe by or he just really does not know ■■■ is going on… On the other hand… It can be his only Yellow…


Yes sorry, I’m tired as f so kinda rude.

I guess that you’re right & some ppl don’t have any other yellow to replace him.

But doesn’t change the fact that Wuk in def is not a good choice for me

I dunno…Wu Kong’s special has definitely killed me before. It’s no joke if they aren’t missing. Opponents get like 300 hp per hit with Wu active. But he’s easy to dispel and easy to kill. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to change my team up for a dispeller and pay the price.

Yep, only 4* 4.70 yellow I own is Wu Kong. In fact, I built an attack team around him ( 4* 4.70 Rigard, Melendor, Grimm, Scarlett ) that is currently my defense team.

I am leveling Jackal to 4* 4.70, but he is significantly more fragile than Wu Kong 4* 4.70, even at Jackal 4* 4.70, so I am trying to decide between swapping the two when Jackal gets to 4* 4.70 or waiting to get lucky with Gretel in Grimforest summons.

I was leveling Chao, but Jackal to 4* 4.70 and Joon to 5* 3.70 kicked Chao to the back of the queue for 3* Orbs.

In AW and Raids I want to win every attack. So the risk for a loss has to be minimized. Therefore I do not like to attack teams with heroes causing heavy randomness.

Yes, on average Wu is a bad defender, but he gives a higher chance than other heroes to make a game go wrong. So overall he is not that bad.

With active Wu special your opponent’s team accuracy is crazy. They almost never miss. 4 star team can easily take out a 5*team.


My alliance all uses a yellow tank. Wu kong was only leveled yellow hero

Heh. I am currently raiding in mid-to-high platinum (usually 2100-2200 cups) and I have (fully levelled) Wu Kong as a tank. No kidding. My current defense team: Proteus - Kiril - Wu Kong - Tiburtus - Scarlett. I tried Boril, Kashrek and Kiril in the center, but I found the setup with the Wu Kong most viable. Btw. I stumbled on this accidently, when after fighting yellow titan I had left my titan team in the place of the defense team overnight. The results were (and still are) significantly better than with Boril or Kashrek.

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What about an emblemed wu… would that still be terrible in defence (especially if you put more defence and health in it? )

He was my second fully leveled 4*. Stayed in defence team for ages. Glad to finally give him some rest! The game thinks he’s my most powerful hero even though the stats don’t add up. Maybe people trust that, not distinguishing between attack and defense.

Interesting! I’d like to try that!

wu special easy to prepare for easy to counter lot of hard hitter and debuffers in purple. he is a character that inpersonally have not used since i was level 15 and he made my specials miss and all my tiles miss. not a fan fully agree with you he is just to easy to prepare for

He’s definitely better when it comes to titans, but I think that he’s still pretty dangerous to face on defense. Since he is frail I’ve noted that the wing or the flank is where he should be if he’s placed on a defensive team. This of course is assuming you don’t have a better yellow hero.

But Gambling stance’s attack boost is no joke. The miss ratio isn’t too bad, 2/3rds of the time it hits and it can cause OHKOs. It also stacks with other Atk+ boosts, which makes it even more dangerous than it already is. Take a team with Kirril and Wu Kong, you don’t want either of them to fire off their specials, especially at the same time…

That said, the accuracy nerf also stacks with blindness. I’ve used Kung Fu panda (Hu Tao) against teams with Wu Kong. After firing sonic wall, if Wu Kong uses gambling stance, then they’ll have a miss penalty of -67%. That flips the tables on him… 2/3rds of the time they’ll miss on me. Debuffers are good too, but not the only way to deal with Wu :wink:


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