Why don't my Heroes attack after powering up?

This has happened so many times, I’m irritated now.
I’m playing either a province level, or a raid, or ‘revenging’ against another player. One of my heroes powers up and is ready for attack. I click on him/her to attack my opponent, but nothing happens. Of course, because nothing’s happening, my opponent powers up and fires… And I Lose!

Why does this happen? Am I doing something wrong? Is this a glitch, or what?

Please help me out, guys.

This is because after you make a move, it’s your enemy’s turn to attack.

You use your specials, then you make a match, then the enemy uses specials, then the enemy deals slash attacks, repeat.

You can’t make a match and use your specials skills immediately after, that would not be fair. This would be a huge advantage for the attacker.

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Hi @Mithrandir31, after you move the shields on the board your turn is already ended and now your foes will be able to unleash all of their attacks wich would be a normal hit if the timer on their sword is setted on 1 or a special move if they have their mana bar 100% filled.

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You simply move the tiles before clicking on the flashing hero, you must first click on the flashing hero to wait for the hero to launch his skill and then move the tiles

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You’re just being impatient. Matching tiles charges your heroes but also ends your turn for that round. You have to wait for the next round to use your charged-up hero.

Of course matching tiles also charges your opponent so it can often lead to you being attacked right away.

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