Whos worth the emblems?

Hello everyone !!
I have a couple of questions
1st paladin ??
Is aegir worth the emblems or Thorne ??
2nd my highest level barbarian are Gretel and little John ?
The swords
Colen or boldtusk
The rest in pretty clear thanks !!

Aegir with defense chamce buff is still meat, Thorne can be better for emblems.
Little John attack all enemies soo bleeding effect have more targets but Gretel is awesome mana control soo I think she can be better barbarian.
I see someone said “Colen die many times with” full mana soo revive can be his chance but Boldtusk is better hero, he can be a little Ares at 3^70+20 and if he die with full mana he can heal himself, IMO Boldtusk here

Also sorcerer is clear with Natalya
Druid hmm horghal or zimkitha explains itself zim all the way
And wizard lol sartana !!!
Monk Wilbur
And Rouge i have
Danzaburro and g jackal ???
Ranger will be Triton !!!

I’ve got BT on the first stage of the talent grid, already he’s revived twice on full mana in raids and help me win when I should’ve lost. When he’s tier 20, he is going to be a beast down the defence route, something like 850 def which is insane


Just 5 Minutes ago I fought a Colan reviving himself due to his class.
Lasted only one turn, but if a healer has been ready he could have been deadly for me.
He revived with all the mana he had before dying first time.

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Boldtusk it is !!
Danzaburro or g jackal ?
Everyone is saying jackal but danza has been great for me I have him as tank and it works !!!

Danza isn’t worth it - he freezes to often.
He’s nice due to his mana generating family, but only if you got at least 3 of his family in the team.
Even Hu Tao is better, though he is slow, but faster, cause Danza only fires every 3rd load.
I like Danza, but in raids it’s like gambling with him.

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Yep I’m a gambling man
Once at 4/70 he freeze’s rarely and just 2 turns !!! Which in some cases is what gives the enemy time to wipe me out but as I only attack much stronger opponents 44+ trophies kinda expecting to loose when I go in so victory is really good and loosing not so bad !!! I mean if with 3400 I loose against 3800 it’s ok !!
So g jackal or danzaburro ?
Jackal attack is great but one hit from a mid range sniper and good night does that improve with emblems ???
And danza is tough as said he survives as tank much better than aegir lol
What improvement do the rouge emblems actually do ?

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Aegir is not a defence hero so using the Paladin emblems isn’t effective. If you’ve got another 5* I’d consider them and moreover a good 4* like Falcon.

Who do you use more often and where? Jackal probably gets more benefit out of Evade than Danza. Jackal is a glass cannon while Danza can take a hit, therefore making an enemy sniper miss is often life or death for jackal while Danza may live through it.

Jackal probably goes on Titans more often and Evade will help him more than Danza there too.

Jackal shouldn’t be on the defense team but Danza can go there very well. He confuses the attacker, they need a cleanser if Swords (the very strong blind) or a debuffer if Bottle (mana gain and defense up).

For attacking Jackal, for defending Danza.

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Danza may be a good tank in Platinum, but once you are trying to stay in Diamond, you won’t want any 4* heroes on your defense team. In other words, his usefulness as a defensive tank has an expiration date.

Jackal is pretty worthless on defense…but you will be using him on purple titans as long as you play the game, and sometimes using him for raids, war attacks, challenge events, etc.

I’d be reluctant to use my emblems on heroes that will lose their usefulness later.

Only scanned the responses, so this may have been said, but I believe you like many are looking through the telescope wrong way around. The most immediate effect of emblems should be in stats not skills.

Am I wrong? If not, then Danz becomes tankier while Jackal hits harder. Seems that should mean Danz plays defense while Jackal is offense.

Given that neither will be a game-changer at +20, I have to say look at where their stats go using a minimum of emblems so the true game changer that comes along to you has a bright future.

Those emblems are taking forever to collect! Jesus… I’m saving all my fighter emblems to Yunan and if i’m lucky and still motivated at the end of this year, i might be half way through. This is getting out of hands… who in the right mind would want to start to gather emblems just to realize that after one year of collecting, you’re still far from the finish line?

Drop rate is something… man. But it is what it is.

So far i have managed to take first step on the Squire Wabbit grid. I’m making him my supper bunny… in couple of years from now.

How do you know the end stats?

Moved down the path I intend to go on the grid and added then up

Everyone’s worth due to a relatively cheap possibility to get the emblems back for another hero.

One of my team mates has even spent them on 2*.


He spend his emblems on 2* heroes? :joy::joy::joy:

Don’t laugh, his team is relatively sustainable in wars for the power it has.

And as said he can get the emblems back later.

Not a defensive hero…?! He’s one of the best tanks in the game lol… where do you get your info

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I get my info from destroying him day in and day out. He’s my absolute favourite 5* tank to face since there is no punch back from ramming tiles in him and charging my teams special.

If you have any trouble with him spiritlinking people bring a dispeller.

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