Who gets the scopes?

Glenda or costume Isarnia? I have Magni, Lepus, Aegir, Perseus, and Vela currently maxed. Was aiming for C. Isarnia (especially for titans) then Glenda showed up.

Considering you’re maxed heroes i would do Isarnia © for the Defdown.


Isarnia in the costume is very good idea. The costume will add an increase in mana speed and hard attack

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If your target are titans I´d go for Isarnia (unless you have Grimm heavily emblemed) If you rather Raids and wars Glenda.

Definitely Isarnia. Far better for titans. And rush tournament/war.

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Costume Isarnia it is…thanks for the input.

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Don’t be in rush, my friend, before you get valid information. As it is from players who have both heroes and use them for some time. Glenda is new and has not enough time to be tested by the majority of the occupiers.
Opinions are entirely different as everyone has one and costs nothing…

I have uncostumed Isarnia and use her everywhere. Would love the costume. I pulled Glenda and am currently levelling her. They are both mainly support heroes. I use Isarnia to enhance the hits of my other heroes – she even makes Malosi hit hard.

Comparing their specials I think Isarnia has the bigger impact on your team’s performance. 44% Def down for all hits vs 40% Special up is more effective in any battle, IMHO.

In the long term of course you will want to max both.

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