Which troops fit to which hero

I read 4 star manna at tier 11 fit perfect with gravemaker so he hits every 6 tiles
I like to hear more examples for perfect matches. Does this work for all fast and very fast heroes? I will make a list in next post.

Red 4 star 11 manna troops for GM. 6 tiles for special

Fast heroes can cut their mana speed to 7 (from 8) with troops alone.

I think mana troops are helpful on lv23 not 11.
But not sure … so lets call for the heavey forces





For fast and average heroes, mana troops won’t be very useful, so better look on attack/defense bonuses the troops give.

So, if your fast/average hero has high attack and low def (like Melendor or Sabina), you can offset that with troops for crit, since they give bigger bonus for defense.

Maybe I’m too much of a minmaxer but I usually give troops who increase more ATK to the ones with high ATK and the same for the defense…

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I disagree, for average if you have lvl 23 mana troop it lowers the # of tile needed from 10 to 9, I find this useful.

It takes ages to level up your mana troop till lvl 23.

Crit troops are useful even below lvl 11.

BTW, if we’re talking Titan damage, crit percent directly adds to it.

For weak color, crit tile damage is tripled (so, 10% crit results in 30% damage increase).
For normal colors, crit tile damage is doubled (10% crit = 20% damage increase).
For strong color (which you should use on Titan), crit tile damage is +50%, so 10% crit equals to 15% damage increase.

So, for titan, equipping your Crit troop can give you better damage and better defense than equipping mana troops.

For example, take Level 18 Crit troop (+17% attack, 12% critical), and compare it to Level 18 Mana troop (22% attack).

Since attack modifier gets raised to power of 1.35 when calculating damage, here is the math:

Mana troop will give you (1 + 0.22)^1.35 = 1.31 (i.e. +31% to damage compared to no troops).

Now for crit troops:

For strong color, damage modifier is (1 + 0.17)^1.35 * (1 + 0.12 * 1.5) = 1.46 (i.e. +46%)
For normal color, modifier is (1 + 0.17)^1.35 * (1 + 0.12 * 2) = 1.53 (i.e +53%).
For weak color, modifier is (1 + 0.17)^1.35 * (1 + 0.12 * 3) = 1.68 (+68%)

The numbers speak for themselves.

I like the analysis. 2 things to point out:

  1. you aren’t taking specials into account at all
  2. you are assuming that every tile will crit with crit troops which isn’t even close to true—-EDIT: never mind my internet is really bad, just say the fully loaded calcs

But in general yes. For tile damage Crit troops are better

As a used-to-be C2P and now F2P, i just welcome every kind of 4* troop :joy:

Mana troops can save you occasional mana potion or two on Titan, but they will hardly do enough difference compared to flat unconditional average +15% damage (for lvl 18 troop).

Not just referring to flat damage though. Flat tile damage or special damage is great. But heroes like Wilbur/Tarlak/Wu/Athena/Arthur/Tiburtus/Grimm/Falcon/Gormeck with level 23 mana troops are worth their weight in gold

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So Gormek is likely to be the worthier :stuck_out_tongue:

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