Which blue hero to limit brake

I have dilema which one blue hero to upgrade to level 85 - Vela or Alasie? I don’t have better blue hero than two of them and both of them are with 20 talents. Vela is in def team and I am using both of them in war defense team (depend on what help in war is). Third maxed blue hero with 20 talents is Arthur and Frosth is currently with 16 talents…
So which one is best for you and deserve to break their limit?

Tbh I would probably LB Arthur first (or Frida if you have her unleveled), he is great for offence and pretty good on defence to.

LB Frosth is waste IMO, he is very good but he really don’t need that.

But if its Alasie or Vela I would LB Alasie, Vela is good on defence but (based on what I saw on few videos) average on offence when Alasie is good everywhere.
It also should depend on which one you are using the most.

Before LB any 5* I recomend you to watch this video, there are good tips for LB

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@Radar1 gave you prefect advice. I think Arthur is your best call, he should be in any blue stack you use. If not him, then Alasie. In fact, if you use 2 blues on Defense I’d do Arthur and Alasie over Vela.


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Don’t use both blue in defense team in a same time…

I also have Fenrir with only six talents so far…

Every heros are not meabt to limit break my dear friend… Ill rather keep them for better hero than just waste them on any optional hero… I saw so many players making mistakes to give usless heros and regretting

Aliase is a good sniper for attack LB, Vela for defence

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