LIMIT BREAKERS: It's a Mistake ... and we're all going to do it anyway!

The joys of debating limit breakers …


Watched it and I agree with you completely. I was thinking same way.

I really don’t care about sticking to 2800+ cups as anyway when you go off your gonna go down. There are no unbeatable defenses.

Good example would be everybody will invest in defense and some on offense and we are again on same terms as before.


Pretty much agree with all that mostly because you can’t [presently] reset the breakers.

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I agree with Jeff. Most players WILL limit break their best heroes on defense. But I myself really thought that these items are ideal for defense debuffer, regular or elemental. As of now, we have Evelyn, Fogg and Almur for green elemental debuffers; we have King Arthur, Frida and Nordri for blues; we have Falcon and costumed Marjana for reds; and we have Jackal and costumed Leonidas for yellows. Panther remains to be the irreplaceable elemental defense debuffer for purples. But who knows, we haven’t seen yet all the heroes of S4 (or the future S5), or from the new upcoming event. Panther’s rival may even appear as a HOTM, or a costume for non-S1 heroes. Nevertheless, I was planning to either limit break either Panther or Alfrike.

We really don’t know yet what the future holds. While it appears that the limit breaker quests are a monthly event, it may be tweaked by the powers-that-be to be a weekly event in the near future, or twice a week much like how we do the trials for emblems. As of now, aethers are available mainly from the monthly quest, and as a reward from tourneys and wars. But the need of these items will warrant a demand requesting for the quests to be a weekly event, or even sold in the in-game Shop or for gem offers, like what we see regularly with the emblems quests. Soon, even those who doesn’t like these LBs may abandon ship and initiate threads or posts in the forum requesting SG to have the aethers more available from various sources, which may include the paid Valor Pass, the paid VIPs, Mystic Vision, etc.

SG and/or Zynga did their plans very well.


I forgot to add. I love raiding. I open raid chest at least 3x a day. This day, I opened 4 raid chest. But with limit broken heroes propagating on defense, raids will be a PITA, and my minimum of 3x raid chest per day might be reduced. Imagine that happening on some players still struggling with raids and who barely fill it once a day. Be reminded that POVs may require players to win consecutive raids. Ha!! Good luck to us all.


Sorry to go off topic but you open a minimum of three raid chests per day! @Ultra


Back on topic, not “all” of us will do it anyway. Unfortunately, some players have already quit.


Great video on how to approach limit breakers. Been trying to decide how to invest them and was already leaning toward Morel or Cobalt as my first blue to limit break because I felt that they could do both offense and defense and I’d get more out of my investment. I’m not against investing in Def heroes, but it does seem like the wiser solution is as you mentioned to invest in heroes that are going to be used in more than just one area of the game. I use Cobalt on Def and Off regularly as well as raids and war. He seems like a prime candidate. Morel is one I recently got and I am hoping to plug into my def and use regularly on offense too.

One thing you mentioned that I really like is the idea of investing in elemental def down heroes. (Frida just jumped up a bit in the list to possibly get limit broken.) They will definitely be solid investments and the need for them scales with the game. No matter how much the game grows or gets harder, the ability to weaken an element has been huge in any fight. Great video and thoughts.


I do know it. I’ve been doing that daily and I have been doing it for years. My concern is when the current and future defense meta heroes got their limits broken. Raiding will be a lot tougher. As such, I am not expecting my regular win rate to be maintained. This will result to fewer raid chests opened in a day. I don’t have unlimited raid flasks. People who don’t like raiding because of a lot of reasons will not enjoy this facet of the game because a lot of prized defense heroes will get their limits broken.

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Good that you have started the thread in the forum. Everyone is probably talking about it separately within alliance chat and Line groups etc.
I think you are right that players will focus on war defence as a starting point to allocate Limit Breakers. Plus some raid defence heroes and key offence heroes too and not only at 5*.
A lot will depend on individual play style and what you get your fun from - tournaments and events etc etc.
Personally speaking, Currently I don’t think there is a right way (best way) or a wrong way for LB allocation - it’s down to best guess as to what the future SG game plan is, how often you can get LBs over the next 12 months and how quickly they move to selling LBs and providing reset tokens…. Very much like they have done with emblems.
I feel sure that by the time we get to the end of next year and S5, LBs will be so yesterday and there will be another progression bar to climb


If you’re concerned about raids being more difficult, consider cup-dropping and raiding up. I know folks have mixed feelings about it - but sometimes the game forces our hands.


Thanks, Dan.

No. I will face this challenges like I always do and managed to overcome. I know I did overcome GM and Guin tanks back then. I did overcome defenses with heavy emblems. Also managed the GTV defense core last year. I know I can make my dominantly-obsolete heroes to work in the LB defense era in the coming months.

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I do 2-3 every morning and one at night.


Yep. I cup dropped for most of my first 2 years :slight_smile:

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Nice point of view, I’ll probably be limit breaking a few of my raid def heros that i use on my raids. But i can see people falling for that trap only to regret their rash choice to have high TP. For my def no point in breaking Sif but Krampus and GM I will be do to increasing minion stats and DOT respectively. After a year into it i can seeing it easier to choose after we cycle thru 2-3 of each colored quest.

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I agree with all what was said in video, I want to spend LB on my defense but not on my current defense. My idea is to use LB on heroes that are great for offence and deffence at the same time.

For now I only have 1 clear choice - Krampus
He is really good tank and I’m using him everyday in offence, taunt is one of the best abilities for me.

I’m not going to rush with any other color because I don’t have worth/clear choices and it always will be hard decision.

I think that using LB on 4* will be a bit easier, I definetly want to upgrade my titan specialists - Wilbur and Wu-kong (or this purple guy from new Magic tower if I will be lucky to pull him) and probably Almur and Falcon as was mentioned in video to LB elemental defence down heroes.

This video was very helpfull and change my plans a little bit.


@JekylandHyde That’s a lot of raiding. It seems like one of your favourite parts of the game (besides competing in challenge events, and maybe Ninja Tower).

I tend to open two raid chests a day. I tried opening a third raid chest in a day (before the raid formations), and it didn’t work for me.

As a player with very few good heroes (a leisure FTP, I am), my best heroes are used both in my defense and offense team. So, limit breaking my best heroes pretty much means limit breaking both my defense and offense team at once. Nothing much to consider really. :rofl:


First: it’s not weird that people buff defense team - aka something you don’t play.
The fact you don’t play defense is exactly the reason we buff it.
On offense you can overcome difficulties with strategy and tactics, but with defense, once you have found your META the only thing you can do to improve it is put it on steroids - be them emblems or breakers.

While defenses will eventually become obsolete in time, this is in no way a new problem.
What about the AM we put on Gwen or Aegir? Or GTM?

Limit breakers are AM with a different name: the way you used AM, the way you use LB.

Let’s not make a simple thing something bigger than it is.


Or at least you’d think so.

But players are so spectacularly unable to think for themselves anymore, apparently, there are already “Who should I Limit Break?” threads. These and the overwhelming amount of “Who I max next?” threads just make me despair, tbh.

Just play your own game! As you so very accurately point out, there are no right or wrong ways.

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Lovely insight… But the heroes on defense also factors heavily on offense anyway… So it’s a win win ultimately. There will always be preferences when it comes down to crunch time… I’m already seeing limit breaks on 4s, that’s a route I won’t be taking however, but if that is the route someone takes, good on them. Some will prioritize 3s, so it’s a case of different strokes for different folks ultimately… For me there is no wrong or right way.

There is a 4* dark debuffer in one of the events

Still in beta. And we all know that what is in beta may not be the final form when released in the live game. Moreover, we all know 4* is only subpar to 5*. Costumed Marjana vs Falcon, costumed Leonidas vs Jackal, Evelyn/Fogg vs Almur, Frida/King Arthur vs Nordri. Until then…