Which blue and green 5 to level


These are my current. Got 4 telescopes and 4 potions. These are my blue and green.

I’m thinking of Alasie and Greg. I am in diamond and want to stay there. I do war and titans. I’m absolutely not considering master Lepus, but Arthur and Misandra for blue and Horghall are doubts with me. Anyone advice in this?


My vote would be for Arthur, great for titans, you already have a fast single hitter in Magni so don’t need Alasie as much. Greg would also be my choice for Green as well, also great for titans and decent for raid attack. I feel for Raid defense all your current heroes make a great defense already you really just need to max them out.


I’d second the Arthur recommendation, especially if you have Wilbur. Last war I fired Wilbur, hit a target with Arthur, then followed up with my fast blue sniper, Alasie in my case. The enemy team just evaporated on the spot.
With a fast sniper already, a color debuff is a good pick for the next hero to work on.


Arthur and Greg/Lianna.


Arthur and lianna. Arthur is average but fantastic in defense and against titans.

Green i would go with lianna, because she is fast.


Greg at average mana is disappointing. I drew my Lianna after my Greg was already ascended, or she would have gotten the tonics.

DISCLAIMER: I also have Ares, so greg’s crit buff isn’t unique on my bench.