Which 5 star blue to level next?

I am giving skadi my scopes but who should next be levelled to 3/70? Defence is solid so just for tournaments and raids? I started on Richard but will take him to 2/60 for now. I almost think Raff or Aegir or Thorne might be good but there are a couple doubts

Glenda or skadi…

Yes, skadi gets the scopes. But who to 3/70? Thanks

Aegir. He can be decently used at 3/70. The same goes for Raffaele. Only place legendaries to 3/70 if they can offer something significant to your teams, especially with the eventuality of that hero ascended to final tier… or not (looking at my first 5* hero still stuck at 3/70 since the middle of 2018… yep, it’s Richard… 7 maxed ice legendaries and 6 more scopes in my inventory yet the Hammer of Justice won’t be taking a peek in any of those scopes anytime soon as I have other heroes in my roster to consider and eyeing other ice legendaries still not with me).

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I vote for Lepus for the next scopes. He is amazing with Frida.
Sooner or later you will have all of em sitting at 3/70 :rofl: so it doesn´t matter.


Lepus, Skadi and Raffaele are three really different and amazing heroes. You can’t make a bad choice with them.


His Lepus is already at 3/70. OP wants to know which of his other heroes are worth his 4 warm capes to be leveled to 3/70, presumably to add depth in his roster for war, raids, and quests.

I’d go Raf. No one is going to impact your main lineups so I’d plan for the rush tournaments and wars.

I was thinking Raff. He got no love when he came out but I have seen him in defence, war and raids and tournaments so … guess he wasn’t as terrible as everyone said he was.

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You said exactly what I was thinking…

To the OP question, I’d consider Aegir or even Isarnia… with the onset of Rush Attack War having a Slow AoE hitter can be a nice addition to what you have already.

Without Ariel, I’d recommend Raffy. A legit 5 star blue hero would serve you well. If not, Lepus or Glenda would be my other suggestion.

In my honest opinion I would focus on either Raffaele or Aegir to get to 3/70 next.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I use somewhat this kind of priority for ascending heroes:

  1. Does it improve titan damage/survivability?
  2. Does it improve performance on the monthly ladder events?
  3. Can it replace someone from the regular rainbow PVE team?
  4. Can it replace someone from the regular mono PVP team?
  5. Is it useful on the most of the tournaments?
  6. Shall I really use it on wars?

Before ascending I check the upcoming HotM if it would be better (assuming that I will get it).

PVP is not important for me. Opening the diamond chest just above 2400 cups is enough. Wars aren’t dependent just from my performance. 5* tournaments rarely hit the sweet spot of the specified hero.

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Rafaelle. You need a blue healer. RAF is grossly underrated. He’s literally a battle changer.

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Raff, Fenrir, Misandra, Isarnia, Aegir, in that order.
Good pick on Skadi getting scopes.

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Thanks for the input. I think Raff will be the lucky 3/70, and when I am blessed with 18 mores scopes he can have some! Lol

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