Which 5* Should I Ascend First

I finally have the ascension mats to fully ascend my first 5* and would like to avoid any major regret. My choices are Grazul, Ares, and Zimkitha.

Other heroes:
Green: Kashrek, Kingston
Blue: Thorne, Misandra
Yellow: Guardian Jackal^7, Gretel, Wu Kong
Purple: Seshat, Tiburtus, Domitia, Rigard


20 characters …

I vote for Zimkitha. Fast, cleanse… she’s great!


Another vote for Zim. Ares is good, Grazul shines in a support role. But Zim is more painful to face imo.

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Yeah, I’m sad that I failed to get Zimkitha last Atlantis :frowning: I am actually maxing Grazul now, and I’m doing it because I didn’t get Zimkitha.

I don’t have any of those 5*s. Facing them in raids I would say Zim is the most bothersome.

Zim seems like the way to go. Thanks for the input everyone.

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Its Ares for me.
plus 20 charecters…

First, all 3 heroes are very good. Whichever you pick, you will not regret it.

I would pick Zimkitha for a lot of reasons. Fast cleanse, attack buff, hits everything. She is useful in farming, raids, titan battles, challenges, everything. Plus her Elemental Link gives a little healing to all reds. The one argument I see against her is that you have Rigard as your only heal-all, and he cleanses too. But in my opinion, you can’t have too many cleanses.

Grazul is nice, but offers no offensive benefits. She is 100% defensive, and her heal is only so-so. Also, her debuff resistance is tricky to time correctly. She is good, but I think Zim is a much better choice.

Ares is a very good hero. He is probably the best red to use as tank in raid defense. He’s also a fair healer and gives a strong attack buff. But he is not as versatile as Zim. He is a strong supporting hero, but can’t deal any damage himself.

I think Zim is the way to go here, but keep in mind that all three heroes are really support heroes. Zim was the first 5* I both got and maxed and it sometimes felt she wasn’t that impactful because I didn’t have the right team around her. Now I know she’s a total boss, of course.