Which 5* Gargoyle hero you like the most?

  • El Duque
  • Arco
  • Goseck
  • Gaillard
  • Penolite

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Just a heads up this poll has been done so you’ll be able to see some results here:


Apparently, the result of my poll disagrees with yours so far.


From what I can see the order of preference is more or less the same so far. Though I don’t expect it to be the same results lol, I mean some of the 100 or so voters in my poll might not be voting a second time, also yours allows up to two votes. I have just put my vote in :slight_smile:

There will be no brainer. That is why he is not on the list.

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The only one I got was Arco, so I voted for him

I chose Arco although honestly, I think it’s peñolite. The reason I chose him however, is because he would be awesome on my roster. Thankfully I pulled him! His heal is insane and the minions have very high HP. I’ve been playing with him at 3/70 and if he goes off twice, or there happen to be other minions on the team, his heal/minions make it really hard to get the HP down. I can’t wait to meet him on defense so I can see how he works fully leveled in real world situations. I have 4 tonics sadly and almost zero emblems, it hurts my soul lol.