When is the next Atlantis Summons?

Can anyone please advise when the next summons will be.

1 week and a couple hours from now.


Once you complete the latest released provinces on easy mode, you get a timer showing how long until the next sections and the summons are available.


Zephyr once again thank you for the prompt response. You’re handy


Aww, thanks! And you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

So are there any special requirements to pull in the Atlantis Summons or can someone that just started pull

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You can use 100 Atlantis coins to pull for “free” instead of gems.

Otherwise, it works like normal Summons, but the prices, heroes, and odds are different. You also get a bonus chest every 10 pulls, which contains ascension materials.

But there’s no “requirement” for the summons, as far as I know, though the season 2 levels themselves don’t unlock until you get to something like province 15 in season 1.

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