What you guys think about the new "6*"?

well, new features, what u think? I in fact know a lot of people get pissed and deleted this game.

i dont know what to say.

but the developers made a whole bunch of mistakes, and when they trying to fix it, they just put out some really brainless solutions.

mistake they made.

  1. increase the chance ppl getting 5* with HOTM, more events, etc. etc.
  2. increase the chance ppl getting rare loots.
  3. encourage ppl to spend money reckless.
  4. all brand new shiny 5* r so powerful, and they making the old 5* so useless.

everyone knows p2w game wont last, and SG gives out their solution to balance the p2w thing by putting out a new feature, a fake “6*”

now, u need more grind, i guess they wont let ppl just go and buy the new thing yet, but watch, it’s gonna happen soon.

so whats next? a 7* 8* or a real 6*?

SG, u guys made the 5* flooding like hell, and the solution u give out is add in fake “6*” really? thats all u got?

GL to get ppl to spend more money in this game. im done. lucky I found this trend coming a few month ago, and I didnt throw much money into water.

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Cya in a couple of days


Ptutting aside the whining tone of the OP—and addressing your post not necessarily for your sake, but for anyone who might read it and think you correct—emblems and classes should serve as a way to balance the game by allowing 4-Star heroes to hit much like their 5-Star counterparts.

The only way this won’t work as a balancing feature is if SG makes the mistake of regularly selling emblems, and forces c2p and f2p players out of the game. Not only should classes add balance, they also add greater complexity to the game and far greater and more unique customization to players’ decks.


Glad I’m not the only one thinkin this lol

Feel like I’ve been soloing the argument against them regularly being in the shop


GL to get ppl use the items on 4* instead 5* and making the fake 6*

There are many, many people without 10 maxed fives. The overwhelming majority of players, I’d imagine. I assumed they were the ones you were worried about.

Investing emblems in fours is going to pay much faster dividends, and so will help those players much more readily. Investing in fives is going to be a long, slow process (and one that, I hope, will not be proportionately quite as beneficial—but this last point is largely still to be determined. We aren’t likely to know for six months or a year.)


If the game makes you so mad, stop playing it. It’s that simple. It’s a Pay to Win game, it’s always been this way. Don’t like it? Find something else to do. You’re complaining about the nature of the game. It’s always going to be pay to win because that’s how the game company makes profits.


Ok bye. See you later


I plan on investing in some core 4* before I even think about 5’s. And even then they are all different classes so it’s easy to choose which 4 or 5 to start. And honestly, the only gap this creates is in raiding. In war (which is broken anyways) it doesn’t change what’s broken. If you don’t care about raiding there is only upside to this change in my opinion.

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Where did you get the idea that this was supposed to balance p2w? They know that most of the big spenders are hooked, so their adding another thing for them to spend money on. Most f2p and c2p players are already resigned the the fact that they can’t compete with the whales head to head, so this change shouldn’t affect their willingness to keep playing all that much.

SG knows that we, the consumers, have relatively inelastic demand for their product, while they have highly elastic supply of things we will spend money on. It only makes sense for them to add more p2w content to increase their profits. The question is how long they will be able to keep pushing before the player base collapses. I don’t think that the class system will be that tipping point. If they added real 6* heroes afterwards that might well destroy the game.


I think it does balance the game, as you said, by making the more prevelant 4* teams a little closer in capability to a 5* team, but I’d like to expand to say talents also improve the “boringness” of the season 1 5* that everyone complains about. Getting talents added to Lianna or Quintus who do nothing but damage, is going to make them look new and shiny like the HotMs or Season 2. They will become more interesting and more versatile, and now when you pull dupes, because these heroes are around more often, you can rejoice that you get to try a different skill path rather than groan and moan because you’ve already got one. I’m very interested in this new talent aspect of the game, and I think @zr1011 lacks understanding of the devs intentions aside from of course turning a profit.


I am rather confused than pissed.

I luckily received 1 clerk emblem for the last 24 hours, from a monster chest. I heard that it will need 1500 emblems to max a 5 star hero. So it will take me over 4 year or more to collect enough emblems just to max one hero at this rate. It will be over 20+ years to max a team of five, regardless the emblem class.

It’s just…words fail me…


class & talent is another approach of *6 implementation , you can say *5 full talent = *6

I’ve only been playing for a month. I’m happy with the projected content for 2019, even though it might be a long time before I can access any of it. It just means I can have confidence that I’ll get a longer adventure out of the game. As I’m enjoying E&P in 2019, I’ll try to think of you, OP.


Glad to see some positivity! I was in your shoes ~14 months ago and they’ve been releasing new features at a reasonable but consistent pace over the last year, keeping me interested before I could run out of things to do. Despite all the constant additions, I was definitely able to eventually “catch up” and compete. Good luck!


isn’t this what the top players are waiting for??

No, I assume they would be quite upset about a whole new wave of heroes rendering the current ones obsolete. Any time it’s come up in the past, the consensus seemed to be that it was preferable to add ways of improving existing heroes. Of course now that they’ve done that…

No, the exact opposite. The top players have invested a lot of time and money into this game, if it fails then they lose their progress and therefore their advantage.

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@Rigs Too lazy to type these few days. I just “liked” your posts. :rofl:

I think @Rigs is carrying his hero away on vacation to refresh their hero muscles :grin::joy:

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