What team I need? I need help


I didn’t understand yet what will be the best attack team and defense team.
Can somebody help me with that?


I usually use such team


When maxed or at 3/4 ascension

Zeline - Boldtusk - Toth-Amun - Magni - Li Xiu
Central hero with tanky special, sided with a healer and a strong attacker, a far left dispeller and a far right debuffer. Your central can deal high damage to 3 heroes thanks to Boldtusk’s attack buff and take some hits with Magni’s defense buff and do both things with his own skeletons.

Merlin, Zeline, Boldtusk, Vivica, (optional double color) or Magni. (If Magni near Merlin and Zeline).
optional: Wu Kong

Use merlin to debuff the central hero and unleash your cascade attacks to make him kill his own team, if things go wrong then debuff them with Zeine and try to heal with your two healers.
Merlin is very good even if you hit with a absent hero color tile.


And what if I play against the quest bots? I mean like event?
Today, at Dark event I used 5 or 6 continues


That’s a lot of gems to spend on a Tabard you’re not that desperate for, since Thoth Amun isn’t amazing, he can do a job at 3/70 without Tabards, and if you max Merlin who doesn’t need that item, you’ll probably prefer him… Those rare quests roll around every now and then, and there are other ways to get the tabards although they are rare. I would suggest avoiding those last stages until you have enough levels on Vivica and/or Boldtusk to get you through the fight.

I would prioritise 4* heroes first, Grimm/Caed/Boldtusk/Merlin/Li Xiu (with Sabina/Colen/Little John as decent backup options if needed) is a solid foundation team on which to go hunting the rare materials needed to max out the 5* luxuries.


Wu Kong - Grimm - Zeline - Boldtusk - Vivica
Double strong yellow, 2 healers wich give attack and defense to all the team, Wu Kong for the massive damage bonus, Grimm to lower foe’s defense and Zeline to lower damage taken


Thank You! Its unbelievable experience to know that


I’d really rethink how you are leveling heroes. Now, it may be a product of timing of when you got heroes - but you have a lot of heroes that have some investment into their leveling and no one really ‘finished’ yet.