What’s your most useful/favorite classic hero for raids?

As the title says, what is your favorite classic hero? Specifically for raids.

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Rigard, Sabina, Melendor


If costumes are allowed: C/C2Marjana
If costumes are not allowed (but Costume bonus is): Rigard
If costume bonus is not allowed: Nobody (don´t have any, nor do I want any)

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I don’t think I use any base versions in raids anymore, except sometimes base Rigard (when fighting heroes that punish buffs).

oh and often base Boldtusk, the heal % is usually enough for my needs.

also still used often:

C1/C2 Joon
C2 Kiril
C1 Melendor, and less often Sabina, Rigard
C1 Magni
c1 Sonya

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Only one I really use or is my go to S1 rep is my 2c Lianna


If costumes are allowed:

C2 Cyprian (war and raid tank, LB2)
C2 Li Xiu (daily, for raids, plus every war, LB2)
C1 and C2 Marjana (raids and wars, 2 copies levelled and LB1)
C1/C2 Leo (raids and wars, I only have one copy levelled and LB1 currently)
C2 Caedmon (most wars, LB2)
CB/C1/C2 Kiril (occasionally)
CB/C1 Rigard (occasionally)
C1 Melendor (occasionally)
C1 Sabina (occasionally)

All classics I use are +20 for superior talent

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Non-costume: Joon and Vivica.
With costume bonus: Lianna, Elena
With costume: (C2) Domitia, Boldtusk

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I don’t use any S1 classics without any costume bonus anymore.

Every day use, their maxed dupes almost always used every war:
C Marjana which I have 2x
C2 Caedmon, will sometime do a 2nd one as well
C2 Li Xiu which I have 2x
CB/C1/C2 Kiril which I have 2x

Not everyday use :
C Elkanen
C Magni
C Lianna
CB Rigard (don’t have 2nd costume which I would surely use more, but I also always hated his weak 1st costume outside yellow titans)
C1/C2 Gormek
CB/C1 Boldtusk (I still prefer 1st costume over his regular version and 2nd costume in offense, but his regular version on green titan)
C1/C2 Kelile (1st costume amazing mainly in bloody battle tourneys, but can be nice for everyday use)
C Sonya (mainly 4* tourneys, mainly her costume)
CB/C2 Grimm (events, 4* tourneys, not a big fan of 1st costume)
C Melendor (occasional use)
CB/C Sabina (occasional use)
CB/C Tiburtus (4* tourneys, prefering regular version on offense and costume for 4* tourney defenses)

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Magni I usually use costume but he is useful in original form especially with Thorn minions . Makes him SO tough to bring down .

Caedmon. Great dispeller especially at fast speed .

I use Boldtusk C and no C depending on if I need the extra boost in attack

And I use the heck out of Joon . His hit plus the miss rate is very useful for a very squishy legend . Same goes for Hu Tao even though he is slow .

And yes we ALL love Rigard


I still use Khagan with costume bonus fairly often. Since getting C2-Boldtusk, I’ve switched to the costume to get that big attack buff.

Rigard gets less used since I got Xnolphod, but is still a solid hero.

c2-Vivica is very clutch.

LB2 Rigard
(20 Rigards)

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Ever since a new player and got Rigard, he has always saved my bacon soooo many times, in raids and missions etc.

Now I have both of his costumes, he is even more amazing, and I pretty much always use him in my raid attacks unless it’s a challenge that requires me to use all of one colour.

Kiril is one I always love and use, and now I finally have both costumes, it has made him better too, and I use him more now.

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and - if costumes also count - c2Magni