What is the use of being raided while I'm offline?

I can state equivocally that I am quickly losing my desire to play this game at all! I can’t play when I have time and want to because I ran out of real world energy, so i went elsewhere for awhile. I log back in to find I have been raided by a stronger alliance. Then o try to tevenge and while I get nothing done the opponent t rapidly kills my team and I lose more. This is getting very old fast! Do you want me to play or not?.

Well, to be quite honest, I believe you didn’t understand the nature of the game. If you are losing, it means your team is too weak, you have to train more heroes and make it stronger. Also, get used to losing, and don’t revenge someone if you notice a clear discrepancy between your teams’ strength.

About the time to wait, well, you created another thread for that.

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If you always won, then someone else would always lose.

The game is tilted towards the attacking side. You need to make enough progress attacking so that when you lose, you are still making moving up over several days.

I’m pretty sure my results are typical, I’ve been attacked several times, but made progress earlier in the day:

Check the player guide section for the best rules and tactics. This guide by @Offbase2 changed my whole approach to raiding. The game is more subtle than it looks!


You have to pick your battles, not try to fight the very next opponent every time and revenge every loss. Skip difficult fights by re-rolling.

If you want specific advice on how to lay out your team, post what you have,

Everyone at every level is raided and loses. The game mechanics favor the attacking team. Raids can be frustrating and also very fun. Read up in the forums for tips and strategies. There’s plenty of good info.


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