What is the difference between titans?


what is the difference between titans 3* end 8*?

Предложение по игре

I could use that sturdy shield the 3* gave you :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Assuming this isnt a philosophical “all titans give terrible loot”-post the differance is this

  • Number of Titan * form the basis of what loot tier you will get.

  • The loot tier decides how many rolls of each type (ingredients/ascension mats) you will get.

  • The higher loot tier the higher the chances for ascension materials.


Well higher titans have more health and higher attack and defense.

Also bigger chance to give good loot. That is just it. BIGGER CHANCE. It doesn’t mean that in every kill you will get better loot.

Posting one loot occasion from both is just useless.


This is far from a one-time event. I can put a lot of such cases on my own, as there are many other players who can throw screens of similar moments. What should be in theory I know, but what really happens is different. Myths and reality are two different things.


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