What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")



Never ceases to amaze me how many people get upset due to spend X amount and not getting a 5* or worse yet, the 5* they wanted. For the most part, if you get anything above a 3* you’ve done well. If you accept that your pulls will be a lot less stressful.


Apparently Pokemon GO Devs got so much anger over RNG and evolution items that they are only using one evolution item for Gen 4.

In Empires, this would be the same as removing all 3* ascension items except compasses and all 4* ascension items except Damascus blades.

Currently on my account ( I only have one rainbow team of 4* 4.70, and no 5* 3.1, so add plus four to each 3* ascension item ):

25x Trap tools,
15x Hidden blades,
15x Warm capes,
13x Orbs ( not for long with Joon & Jackal )
13x Sturdy shields

12x Farsight telescopes,
10x Royal Tabards,
7x Mysterious tonics,
6x Poison darts,
5x Mystic Rings


Meanwhile already invested over 3000 €.
And still not get 5-star heroes or monthly heroes or event heroes or Atlantis heroes.
Still the same 5 star heroes I got in the beginning.
Play the game for almost 2 years now.
Is annoying the likelihood ever to get 5 star heroes for that I have already invested so much.

Many thanks to the games makers!



how many 5* you have?


Hard to believe… You must have penny pinch in between times, Even than you probably score a 5* several times.
You sure you didnt feed it away?


Ouch! :open_mouth:

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!


After the first 1000 or the second 1000, you still decided to put in another 1000? Wooo! Think of all the other things you could have bought with that money. Vacation, women of the night, non prescription medication, down payment on a car, women of the night, shed full of tools, education, women of the night… the list goes on.


And yall just want to pore salt on top of his cut. ■■■■.
For each their own. We all have owr poison.

On-line Gamers Anonymous

How many dollars is this?


ı have a chance to get 1 kage with 100 pulls
I did 167 pulls where are you kage? azlar go back man I already have you


They Gacha money
You Gacha squat


“you gacha squat.”

lol @Rigs


So yeah, I got a ton of iTunes gift cards and have been getting crappy heros on my own and haven’t gotten any HOTM like ever so I decided to just keep doing pulls until I got 1.

I finally got her after dropping $1200… I only got 4 5* heros in total. 1 Mok=Arr, 2 Mitsuko and last 1 Evelyn. Thats it. $1200 for 4 5* is complete bullshit.

Rant complete. Thanks



I’m not a moderator, but I can usually put 20 chars together.


You are not alone my friend. My results were roughly the same for the same money spent. You know what makes it really frustrating is the guy that does a single 10x pull and gets Kage, Mitsuko, and Evelyn. Now that stings.


No, you have a chance of x % to get X - no matter how many pulls.

You can get him with a chance of 10 % on your first pull - or with a chance of 90 % not even after 1.000 pulls.


That’s both wrong and right.

The odds of the 1000th pull are identical to the odds of the first pull. Check.

But suppose I’m about to push the button to buy a 10x summons. I can ask, what are the odds that, after I push this button, I will have the HoTM? I hope you’ll agree it’s not 1.3%—that’s the chance from just the first summons, but there will be nine more, each of which also has a chance of brining the HoTM.

The correct way to think about this question (if I commit to doing N pulls, what are the odds of getting at least one of a particular hero?) is well established in statistical mathematics.

The way to think about it is like this: what are the odds of not getting my desired outcome? Each roll has a 98.7% probability of not giving me the HoTM. So the probability of not getting the HoTM on two successive summons is 98.7% * 98.7% = 97.42%. So in those two rolls, each of which independently has a 1.3% chance of dropping the HoTM, after doing two rolls there is a 100% - 97.42% = 2.58%. (Notice that this is a bit less than 1.3% + 1.3%; probabilities are not additive).

More generally, if I’m about to do N summons, the likelihood of ending up with the HoTM after those N rolls is 1 - (1-p)^N where p is the probability of getting the HoTM on each roll.

Seriously, this isn’t up for debate. We all get our own opinions, but not our own facts. Math works this way.


If you want to go deep:

n = summons
p = chance you get your hero
q = chance of not getting your hero (q = 1-p)
a = the probability it never drops: q^n

=> n = ln(a)/ln(q)

100 % drop => a = 0 (99,9 % chance => a = 0.001)

ln(0) = ?


I am done with trying to pull higher. No matter what i do or what i spend this game screws me. I’m not going to stop playing but will NEVER spend another dime on this game i really think its fixed in some way

First draw of the year?

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