What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")



It would be awesome to tell you that 5 stars are no better than 4 stars… so that’s what I’m gonna do!:sunglasses:
Getting even one or two 5 stars is a great high, but getting the asc mats to get them fully leveled is just as rare as getting the 5 stars themselves. That being said, there are many 4 stars that, at max, are more valuable than the 5 star you may have on your bench stuck at 3/70. It’s not to say don’t strive to get the 5’s, but realize acquiring them is only half of the struggle you’ll endure in reaping it’s full benefit!


Some of the best advice by far thanks!:sunglasses:


I understand pulls are random but when you pay 60 bucks and draw 2 of the 2600 and pull 20 level 3s and a few lev 4.
You constantly advertise pulling people in to get a few good cards and give nothing???

Also the grimforest challenge is completely unfair at all levels.

What a bunch of ]^{%%{


Hi @Geocap

Nothing I can do about summons odds, but if you want advice on completing the event there is lots of advice available.
If you post your team and which levels you are trying on an appropriate thread, I’m sure you will get plenty of help.
After learning from the forum I’ve managed to complete legendary with a 4* team.


Thanks re event Jonah, a bit late now.
And re odds man that reallllllllly sucks def kills the game. Spending money to get disappointed?
Yea not cool.


Good luck with the autumn event, let us know if it goes better or we can discuss tactics.


Wish I would have found details on the event. Didn’t know where to look. I would have certainly tried.


I have this thread bookmarked. It shows the color of the mobs on each level as well as the bosses and energy for each stage. @Mariamne did a great job putting this together :smile:

The completion rewards are also shown later in the thread.


Already very good.

Training diaries (two tc20):

3* Kailani yellow
3* Renfeld purple
3* isshtak green
3* isshtak green
3* ishhtak green
3* Gan Ju yellow
3* Carver green
3* Carver green
3* Gan Ju yellow
3* Tyrum purple
4* Boril blue
3* Brienne green
3* Prisca purple
5* Sartana purple
3* Oberon purple
3* Kailani yellow
3* Karil blue
3* Nashgar red
5* Vivica yellow
3* Carver green
3* Ulmer blue
3* Gan Ju yellow
3* Karil blue
3* Renfeld purple
3* Graymane blue
3* Valen blue

4* Boril blue
4* Kirill blue
3* Gunnar blue