What do you think is the best way to evaluate the worth of a hero?

As the title says, how would you evaluate if it was the hero that improved the team. For defence, its easier since you have the trophies to determine if your def has improved. What about for attack? I have recently added a new hero (Lizzy) to my mono red team and am test-running the team. Sometimes i think that its too board RNG dependent and that i “wouldve won the game anyway” even if Lizzy wasnt there (or replaced by another hero). So what about you? How would you say that a win could be due to a new hero added or changed?

Well, I tend to do a bit of farming and I love my 3 and 4 star tourney’s (3’s most of all). I think many of us have favourites (heroes).

My usual form with levelling a hero is to take them up to final ascension, give them a run farming, then game level play and their STATS. I prefer the no mats type of game stage play, so when something makes a material difference, I usually notice. When I find myself preferentially selecting them, I love it.

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I typically use the same set teams so when I add a new hero it is because of noticing a particular type of hero special or synergy that the team can’t handle.

So the addition is normally to deal with that. I will then hunt out those opponents in raids, see if can perform better, then go back and check it does as well as the previous team outside of that subset.

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Putting a new hero on defense & seeing cups increase isn’t verification, rng/board setup is as much of a factor for said hero on offense.


I use several factors.

Upon leveling up any new hero to a point of actual usefulness for the first time, I will test it in various different scenarios, and ask myself a series of questions after based on their initial performance after X number of test runs.

Pretty basic stuff really. Like:

  • did using them against the titan increase my titan scores?
  • did putting them on my raid defense team help me gain cups overall after a set period of time?
  • did they help me farm provinces any quicker?
  • did they do better than X hero in that last raid / war attack?
  • did they make any other overall significant contributions to my team that helped benefit me overall?

If I can’t honestly answer yes to at least one of those questions, they go into the “meh” pile.

EXAMPLE: my latest addition, the lovely and very much underappreciated Noor.

Question one: did she help my titan scores?
N/A, not tested yet

Question two: did she help my raid defense team?
N/A, not tested yet

Question three: did she help me farm quicker?
N/A, not tested yet

Question four: did she do better than the other hero I was previously using in her place in wars?
Yes she did.

Question five: did she make any other contributions that helped my team?
On war attack team? Yes, absolutely, she was very helpful.

She goes into my “this one seems like a keeper” pile. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the 5step question format that you use. Because i agree, there are some heroes that are for titans, some heroes for defense, etc…

Interesting as i can’t get a green 5 star to save myself but have a Bertila and she isn’t awful, the problem is that I still have to ascend her to lvl 3 to see if she is actually worth the cost of valuable ascension mats.

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It is hard to know until you have brought the hero up to a certain point. I took a chance on Noor, partly because I felt blessed to pull her in the first place and I wanted her to be good in spite of 99% of the forum telling me she’s garbage, but mostly because I didn’t have any other reds to work on. I got lucky with her, she turned out to be useful after all. Probably not for every situation, but she has at least proven to be worthy enough to join my 6th war team.

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I guess one of my issues is i have never faced a Bertila and find it hard to gauge her potential usefulness. Nice stats for a tank which kind of makes her specials redundant. Flank? possibly. Wing? No way by the time she charges she will hit two targets. I have the mats for her but just can’t commit (says every girl I met). :rofl:

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Hah! Yeah, I can’t say I’ve seen many Bertilas on defense teams myself. Which that alone right there tells me that she probably isn’t an ideal defensive hero. But that doesn’t make her useless. Some heroes are great on defense, but terrible on offense, and vice versa.

I’ve faced a high emblem bert tank in a friendly alliance. She doesn’t go.down in 3 tiles to a red mono, she revives, and if she goes off she comes close to one shotting my low defense heroes. Plus the ailment rearrangement thing. I’d say if you want a green tank that will be underestimated she is pretty good

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Thanks for your input. I’m not as intimidated by using slow heroes as I used to be. Maybe I use better strategy now? No idea? That first hit of hers can be spectacular and by the time you can ghost, slow heroes are less of an an issue imo.

My main criteria for a hero’s value in attack is how much fun they are to play. Grimble skadi malicna myztero and baldur are some of my favourite heroes largely due to this criteria.

Otherwise it is about understanding the synergy they have with my existing teams and how I can improve the overall effectiveness of 6 war teams, not just one raid team. For example I have tried out baldur in my red mono and his synergy is better than sumle so sunle has been relegated. Color and special are equally important depending on what gap you are trying to plug

A hero that can be mixed and matched depending on whether facing an ailment heavy or buff heavy team is a bonus for example c rig c melendor and c Sabina

A hero that can find a spot in one of the defense variations is a bonus

A 4* hero that can mix it up with the big boys is a bonus as they can be used in 4 and 5* tournies and events


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