What are the Tournament Criteria?

You assemble a team according to your heroes, until everything goes well
But when it comes time to play there we go to attack mounts his team in formation 3-2
Here comes a piece of ■■■■ with the PULZZES

I never won a tournament, I can not make it on the last day.
These convocations of Atlantica and another lie where I only see players win good heroes buying gems

I’m already playing this for almost a year know who my strongest heroes are
I already spent money, I saved gems
I get everything e. I do not give a ■■■■ just epic hero
At war same thing I already have the 6 teams with power above 3000 there I go to the attacks guesses the board and a tremendous thief, the guys must program the system to ■■■■ or to hurt with some
For me it works like this if you spend a lot of money and you have a great team player
If you do not spend it you might even have good heroes but to make it great will be long
I’ve been with Aegir for 6 months and I still have not been able to leave Full
You know why, because I’m not putting more money into this game

Aegir and Zimkitha are two very good heroes. Some people have zero HOTM after year, so consider yourself lucky. Sometimes the boards just don’t drop your way, but give it a day or two and then they will drop your way.


But in almost 300 summoning the Atlântic I did not come a heroes 5 * . It will not be much of a ■■■■ or is it that the system is benefiting those who put money already put today no more and I do not intend because I saw that alone

Get better at turning a bad board into a playable one. Not every board is salvageable but about half the time boards with 3 or fewer tiles of my mono team are still winnable. But it took a lot of practice and learning odds and how to avoid cascades.

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