¿What are the best 4* troops for Delilah?

Hi Everyone.

I have Delilah (she was my first 5* Hero) and for a while I have been developing 4* maná troops for her. While they seemed pretty good, I got lately the 4* critical troops and now I am wandering wich one is best for her.
Mana troops give better attack to Delilah and her minions, let her get a better healing from her own special skill and increase her mana speed, while Critical troops give her stronger defense (not sure if the minions use the defense stat), increse health for both her and the minions and give critical chance (again, don´t know if the minions use this stat).
¿What type of troops do you think is better for her?
Thanks a lot for your opinions

Funny you should ask. I had been running her with a 3* troop.

I drew a 4* Mana troop for her, and thought Wheeeee!!! and started using it.

She had been making 149HP minions for everybody, I took a look and now they were 141HP minions. WHAT HAPPENED???

Oh. My 3* Devout Battlers, Level 4 added 6% health; the 4* Monastic Battlemages added NO health.

A little later, I pulled a 4* Crit troop (Exalted War Constructs). At Level 1, it only adds 4% health, but the other stats are better, so I’m running with it for now.

That said, the 3* attack troop starts at +5% health, and the 4* crit troop starts at +4% health. Both start at +13% attack. (The 4* has way better defense and crit bonuses) In health, the 3* has a head start. I think it bumps up every 4 levels, so the 4* needs to be 4 levels higher than the 3*

Uhm, at Barracks 6, 3* troops max out at level 20. (Barracks 3 today) At Barracks 9, 4* troops finally can get to 25. So I’d have to nearly max my barracks to get the health bonus of the 3* matched with a 4*. AND I’m pretty sure getting a 3* troop to 20 is way cheaper than getting a 4* troop to 20, never mind 24 where it matches, or 28 where it gets 1% better!

I’ve heard it costs literally hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get the feeder troops needed to max a 4* troop, and I don’t play the game at that budget, so I doubt I’ll ever see that.

I’ve seen discussions of the mana troops showing that in order to get a spell to go off with ONE less tile, you need to get them to level 17 or 23 or something like that.

Any increase of Deliliah’s health gets (effectively) multiplied by 5 with each set of minions she creates. I went into boss stages of the Pirates Challenge with everybody carrying 2 or 3 minions in front of them. For most heroes, attack or defense matter as much or more than health. For Deliliah, health is king.

Oh and attack matters too–the minions inherit a percentage of her attack strength as well as a percentage of her health. But they really are more effective as meat shields than they are as fighters, so health is still on top!

Making a troop just for Deliliah, your best value is probably maxing the 3* troop. For most other heroes, the 4* crit is probably better.


¡Thanks a lot! I have never considered the possibility that 3* troops could actually be better than 4* troops but you made your point very clear

I think what he’s actually saying is to use the 4* Exalted War Construct (like he said he’s doing himself). That 3* troop, while it has similar health and levels easier, the 4* has more than enough other stats that makes it a better choice.
As for Mana vs Crit 4* troops, Id go with the crit troops. They have more value for Delilah’s kit and the the crit is useable at many more levels than that mana stat will be. Like mentioned above, in order for the Mana portion of the troop to be effective (1 tile earlier) it’ll need lvl 23 for your average Mana hero.


To compare easier. (Yes I know it’s purple, but it’s the same stats)

Health may be slightly less than a 3* similar troop… But that 1% (even if you got more levels on it) doesn’t make up for the difference in armor or crit.


Man, I didn’t even realize the troop’s stats were all based on Delilah’s. I thought they were based on the stats of the hero they covered. ::Slaps forehead::

I have learned.

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I wouldn’t underestimate the increased attack and heal percentages of mana troops. Healing 45% or 50% of Delilah’s health versus just 33% can make a world of difference, as can the added +5% or 10% damage on every minion strike.

That said, I think there are benefits to both mana and crit troops and reasonable arguments for either.

I don’t think, however, that you’re better off running with 3s over 4s, unless your 3s are just absurdly leveled.

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Basically it goes like this.

1: A hero has base stats.
2: A troop modifies those stats when a battle starts.
3: Minions are based on the modified stats at the start of the battle.
4: Buffs/Debuffs on Delilah/Thoth that happen during the battle doesnt affect minion stats.


I’d say go for +Mana. Defense shield for everyone? Yes please!

Wishes he had a Delilah

titan attacks get the crit troops.


I agree for titans.

For war defense, my teammates prefer putting Delilah in the right corner with 4* Lvl 1 mana/ healing troops were it can be very difficult to kill Delilah before the Revenge bar destroys the attackers, especially with war energy #4- #6. You don’t even need to level the 4* Troops to Lvl 2, just keep three 4* Lvl 1 mana/ healing troops for each color ( Thanks Devs for letting us favorite troops ).

As an aside the 4* mana/ healing troops are also useful versus Guinevere, Li Xu, and other mana drain heroes ( see Notes ).

I agree about defense stat.

4* Troop with +16% Defense is huge compared to 3* Troop with +8% Defense.

Defense is not linear.

A live Delilah can trigger her special for other heroes on her team.



For any hero that isn’t Deliliah, that would be my clear choice. And so far, I haven’t put my money down on either side–I lack both the food and the feeder troops to level either the 3* or the 4* :rofl: In fact, at my stage in the game, I pretty much only level troops when I’ve got to find some way to burn food!

For Deliliah, her health stat and her attack stat get multiplied by 5~15 because each summoned minion has 13% of her health and 16% of her attack (I’ve confirmed troop bonus applies to HP; I can’t see the attack value of the minions)

With a 6% difference in health bonus, at Deliliah’s current level, each summoned minion had an extra 8HP. In a typical challenge stage, I try to get all my heroes with three minions (+24HP for each of my heroes), and over the course of the stages, have fired off her spell perhaps 8 times, for a total of 885=320 HP that my team could eat.

For Deliliah, the 4* mana troop is WORSE than the 3* attack/crit troop overall.

For Deliliah, the 4* crit troop is hard to compare to the 3* attack/crit troop. The 4* will improve Deliliah more, but at any (sane, plausible for me) level of investment, the 3* troop will give stronger minions, which are multiplied by 5, compared to the rest of it which just applies to her.

My most compelling reason to level the 4* crit troop first, is that Deliliah isn’t my only yellow hero, and for all the other yellow’s it will be better.

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¡Thanks everyone for your opinions!