🏅 Weekly Raid Tournaments – Post-Launch Feedback – Unfair Matches [dev response on post 476] and Scoring? Appropriate Difficulty? Loot Tiers? See thread for more topics

It’s not likely that higher defense teams are being attacked at all. I won all attacks and have been dropping down the 50% - 75% category for a few hours, as now over 580k players have a higher score. Therefore there are many below average team strength players who have also won 5 out of 5. This isn’t very logical as on average they should have hit some stronger defenses, and lost at least one attack

Don’t think so. All my rivals are actual players, part of an alliance that were online today or still online when I checked their status.

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Worth remembering how many people play this game and that many have started recently, therefore lots of baby seals are getting smacked around.

We don’t know how real time the defense team showing is, perhaps it updates at the end of the day, clearly there are some scoring lags based on what people have posted. The servers are probably melting as if Azlar had gone in there and let fly.

Raiding early or late it still is a question of luck. If the team you are matched with has lost a few times already the points you win will be lower (that is how I understand the bonus system to work) so waiting will result in a lower score. BUT it will result in a higher score if you attack a team that has won a few battles on defense. You don’t know ahead of time which way it will work for you, roll of the dice.

This is Day 1 of the very first Raid Tournament.

Having a ton of low level players in the tournament means that those of us with stronger teams will eventually be in a higher percentile and have better loot. In the mean time our Hero chest will fill more quickly. We didn’t pay to get in so maybe one week we have “bad luck” and win 100% of our fights and are in the 25th percentile…oh well. Another week we get great matchups and score in the top echelon…


I’m not reading 349 posts but I’m sure it’s been said, I won all 5 of my raids and only ended up in the 5 to 10 category because of the scoring system. Everyone should be rewarded the top 1% reward because this just isnt fair.

I also got a score of 1302. However other in my alliance received 1400+. This does not make any sense at all

There’s a thread about the 1302 score in particular: 1302 post screen shot if this is your current score for the First Weekly Raid Tournament

I added it to the related links section in the top post too.

Does anyone know the two of 2000+ of the game? Are secondary accounts of someone from the Top 1000?

Lol idk about anyone else but competing for elemental chest rewards doesn’t sound too appealing considering what i normally get from elemental chests

People may not spend cash or a lot of prep time and competition time to win in raid tournaments

But challenge events are a pretty hefty investment

If the top spots are going to hand out capes, chainmail, boots, and have a chance at no 4* mats, no guaranteed 5* heros, etc etc then they’re a huge waste of time and will not be as popular to compete in as they are now

Just sayin

Mine haven’t been too bad for 3* mats at least

Would you spend 30 days worht of prep time, feeders and hams to level heros to compete, countless resources to craft items, 8 to 10k gems to place top 10, hours of board replays for 3* mats?


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Just as in the raid tournament rewards, is it really fair if 20th place can get better rewards than 1st?

To the bigger percentage of the population that doesnt want to spend the effort to place but wants the same rewards that come with placing, I’m sure the “reward percentage” system sounds perfect. But to me it just sounds like a chance to reward everyone equally regardless of placement and therefore encourage more participation but less competition

The randomization does well keeping the rewards from all just going to the same players every time, like Challenge Events.

But in every other way it kinda sucks.

I’m just not sure what would be better.


Split it up

X amount of top spots get guaranteed loot

After those top spots shift the rewards to the “x%” gets RNG loot box rewards

Ah, I see — you’re thinking some top competitive spots, and then also having % tiers like now.

There was a version of beta that sort of had that — the top spot had different loot than the Top 1% tier. But it was scrapped fairly early in testing.

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Just think it would be a good balance

Bigger % of the poulatuon still gets good rewards

But there is still reason to compete for the top


Because i can still select my next opponent, even if i have no flags, i can see who i fight next, and i cannot reroll…

As you can see, i have an higher tournament score than my next opponent, but my tournament rank is lower???

I mean really? Just really, in which alternate universe does it work that having a higher score than someone else puts you below them in the ranking?

@Petri do you have any insight into my inverse positioning, because at the moment the better i score the further down the ranking i will fall…



@Petri @mhalttu can we get an explanation??? There is lots of confusion and we need clarity.


I agree, that seems like a good compromise

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My guess: a universe in which we can’t yet see the Defense Score for each team…which seems to be the case.

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