Weekly Raid Leaderboard Reward

Couldn’t we possibly have some sort of weekly Raid Leaderboard Cut Off and Reward?

Globally maybe for the top 10 Positions and Locally maybe the top 3?

Off course there should be the usual Ts&Cs, but with the current drop rate of loot, anything extra is better than nothing.

It might just ad a little more competitiveness and reduce the Cup dropping defences for Revenge purposes.

Sooo you want the top to get more of a chance to open another chest for more chance of loot…
Don’t see this sitting with majority of players.


As people don’t spend more than 5 minutes in the top spot it would be a lottery getting loot from this, whenever I get above 2800 trophies and log off alarm bells ring in Russia and within 5 minutes I have been hit 10 times (mainly Russians) and I am down 150+ trophies. If you want more loot don’t raid for trophies they don’t feed your heroes or troops or build strongholds raid for hams and ore they make you stronger

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I’m not against your idea, but I’d rather see better loot drops instead of another source of loot with the same poor loot drops.


All valid points. Agreed.

Would be nice thought to have the odd CONGRATS Top 3 on the local leaderboard. Here is a Silver summon token as a token of appreciation for you efforts… lol… :crazy_face:


Would be better if they made it like leaderboard of total raid net win pts if you really want something like this.

Makes ppl want to raid more and improve their defenses.

Of course certain measurements must be in place to avoid being exploited like min 40 raids per week. Then it also goes for different leagues so every level of players will at least get some sort of a reward.

Well this is just my opinion to have more satisfaction from raids and stops certain players from trophy dropping.

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