Watch tower and being raided?

I’ve heard that there is a correlation between watchtower lvl and how much your raided. Is it true? I don’t know anyone who raids for resources but is that a thing? And would the watchtower lvl really have anything to do with it?

There are definitely people who raid for resources - food and iron and recruits. A watchtower of a higher level produces food and iron much faster, and a raider would therefore have more resources available to grab if they bust your door down

I don’t think it affects matchmaking but some people find higher yields of food and iron attractive so might be more inclined to raid you

Personally I raid based on whether I think I could win, and based on the challenge of it. I don’t over analyse the other stuff


I raid for food. I never have enough of it and I look for opponents with lots of it!


Your watchtower makes more resources as it develops so I think it’s a win overall, even if there are a few more raids.

Just remember to collect the food and iron regularly and it won’t look any more attractive.

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A higher level watchtower will hold more stuff. If you play rarely enough to let it fill up, then players will see that full juicy target, and be more likely to hit it than a similarly difficult opponent with less resources.

Basically, if you look like a juicier target, you will get hit more. It really doesn’t matter much though, you net more than you lose with the higher level.

I sometimes do raid for iron. If my builder is ready and I’m lacking some iron to start a new upgrade…and I don’t want to wait some hours. I choose only opponents where I can get at least 10k iron. Gets my waiting time down quite a bit.

I never raid for food as always have so much that I don’t know how to empty my storages.

Raiding for recruts? Lol

It only depends on your defending team how many times you are attacked…if people think they can take your team down.It doesn’t depend on watchtower lvl at all.

I never understand how players can have too much food. I’ve got dozens of troops waiting, emblems to be placed, mana pots to craft and some heroes trying to level up.

Please give me your extra food!

No troops or heroes waitung…emblemes placed (need to level heroes first for more)…1000 healing pots, 300 mana pots, 200 antidotes, tc 20 running 7 times, tc11 running over a 1000 times. I really don’t know how to spend it.

Right now I am ascending my second TC to lvl 19 to use up all 1800 rugged clothes…but this only will take my hams down for a few days.

Wish I would find more troops…

Got 8 farms…ranging from lvl 16 - 20 ( most of them are 17-18)…upgraded mines and farms first after stronghold upgrade.Food storages are lvl 16 all 4 of them.

I need people to raid me. Please. I see others leave better than usual defenses overnight (in Americas), deathly afraid of losing cups. There’s no reason to be afraid. I leave 3* defense and hardly get attacked at night except for revenges. Attack me. Don’t worry about revenge; I revenge about half.

Got even 9…as I figured out right now.

Raiding is what makes the game more fun.
Anyone who dislike being raided should not build the watch tower at the first place.

I don’t care about being raided, i don’t like the distraction of getting revenge, i have a world to conquer, titans to slay, wars to fight, quests, events, stronghold to build.
I don’t have time for petty theft.
Only been playing for 3 months, lots to do!! :sunglasses:
Have fun.


Well, I used to hate being raided when I just started playing the game about 7 months ago.
That prompt me to spent a small fortune buying raid shields and try to acquire those 5 * heroes at every event, hoping to be able to revenge on the raiding parties but to not avail.

Over the time, I start to accept the fact that raiding was part of the game. You’ve got some rare AM from filling the raid chest and that completely changed my opinion.

I raid and revenge mostly to fill up the raid chest. On some boring day, I do raid the higher tp opponents for opponents. Lose or win doesn’t matter. It’s the fun that counts.
Good thing about E & P was it built your character to be more patience.
Even if you’ve got all the good 5 *, it still takes you months to max them.
No matter how good was your maxed heroes, others will always find a way to be on top of you.
Any game is just another way of killing off the time.

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Building the Watchtower is necessary if you want to get past the 3rd province (section) on the map in the single-play/story campaign to defeat the Dark Lord.

The “boss” segment of that province is an outpost that was supposedly yours, but has been raided by an outsider. And you need to battle and defeat them in a raid of your own to take it back. Every province after this also has an occupied outpost as the final segment of that province, taken over by another player, whom you need to defeat to get to the next province.

You are responding to a 5 year old post.

Yes, I do see that now. :wink:
It’s just that I recently started playing, and so… you get the idea.
In any case, are you telling me that 5 years ago, one WASN’T required to build a Watchtower to progress in the campaign / story??

I hope you put 5 heros in your defense.

No idea. Ive only been here 2 years. :sweat_smile:

From what I can tell, the game automatically assigns your Team 1 characters as your Watchtower defenders, unless you specifically assign others to the defense team. There is still so much of the game that I can’t fully participate in because I’m still a beginner who has been playing for like 5 days now.

But as far as avoiding building a Watchtower so as to not get raided, that is really not an option after the first couple of sections in the campaign. I’m sure the game developers wanted it this way so that it would encourage players to spend real money and upgrade their base and characters quickly, so that they may have a shot at competing against potential raiders. And the more YOU upgrade, the more it will encourage your rival players to buy and upgrade as well. And this sort of “pay to win” mentality actually plays right into the hands of the game developers and distributors, who are no doubt making a killing off of the in-game purchases from players.

Yes they do but it is still YOUR decision if you use money or not playing the game. :smile:
As a 6+ year ftp ( free to play ) I can say you have funwith this game without using money on it! :+1:

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