Warrior Revive negating all specials

So I was raising today and the enemy team had a Boldtusk. There were only two enemies left so I wanted to take down the healer. I selected Boldtusk as the primary target and then activated CB Peter’s, Chao’s, and Sartana’s specials. I then moved some tiles for good measure. In my mind any one of the three specials would have finished off the wounded Boldtusk and the other two would move to the remaining enemy. However, Boldtusk revived and his ghost form absorbed all three specials for 0 damage. I feel like this shouldn’t be part of the game.

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I have Boldtusk, and I a pleasantly surprised when he is revived for me. However, I am not clear when it will happen. There must be an indication/symbol that would let me know that he will or will not revive if he is killed off at a particular moment.

Conversely, when attacking Boldtusk, it would be nice to know that he will be revived if I kill him off. Colen got me recently. I was trying to finish off an opponent, and I had 2 heroes lit up, and attempted to finish off Colen with one hero, and planned to use my other hero to finish off their last remaining hero. But Colen revived. And then Colen revived again, and I was toast.

Reviving is not part of Colen’s special skills (part of the Talent Grid?), so I am not clear how I would know if he is in “revive mode.”

Colen is in the fighter class. Yes “revive” is his talent.

This talent will immediately set a dead hero to ghost mode. At the beginning of its teams next turn, it’ll revive with 1pt hp. During ghost mode neither tiles nor specials cause any effect. It acts like a free slot until the revive actually happens.


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