War setup phase defense team troop lvl incorrect

I had set my war defense team and before the war began, leveled one of the troops from 10 to 11. When I hit the info button on my team, it still showed the troop at lvl 10. But when I hit the edit button, it correctly showed the troop at lvl 11. I pressed apply, exited out went back, hit info and it still said 10.
I had to change to a completely different troop, save that and come back to the lvl 11 troop to get it to display correctly.

I have a video of the behavior which I cannot attach, but it should be easy to reproduce.

This is normal behavior for troops. You have to remove them from the team, add another, then add the first back in. Iā€™m not sure if there is a system delay in updating the troop on the war team. Perhaps someone may know. Either way, it really is annoying :unamused:


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