War points added

How we know the points added to war score after ( won /lose) alliance ?

Check before and afterwards?

I’mma go waaay out on a limb here and suggest

  1. Write down your score before the war
  2. Write down your score after the war
  3. Subtract the value in step 1 from the value in step 2

I checked it nothing added even we opened war Chest

My question is clear.
win how much is equal
Loss as well.
Is there a fixed number like a dragon 5600?

Just like @Chodaboy said, but with more cases.

  1. make sure there are no member join or left alliance
  2. make sure your alliance not leveling heroes and troops
  3. write down before the war
  4. write down after war
  5. substract

I think it does not have effect on war chest.

So I understand from your words that winning in each alliance varies by the number of points
For example,A alliance when win, They can get different points from the X Alliance, which is fighting another war???

As the others suggest, that is the closest anyone seems to have been able to work out how the war score modifier works. Having checked a lot for the same information, I don’t believe anyone has figured out what the formula is for the war score modifier.

But yes, different alliances will have their war score modified differently to another due to at least the individual players will have different heroes leveled and emblemed, and different troops leveled differently to another.

I would expect the modifier would remain the same though (whatever that might be).

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