War Point Distribution

My understanding of how the points are distributed is that 2,000 points are divided between the participating members with more points going to the higher power levels. Is this wrong? I have a strong team and have still never been attacked once in a war and want to protect as many points as possible but other members who will have a team with a defense power as many as 325 points less than me will be worth the same as me and some are even worth more. Wth?

Remember that “team power” is a totally made up number in that a 5* hero will be higher in team power than a 4* hero with the same/similar stats. There’s a built-in fudge factor for 5s (which is why the power number is bad to use when comparing hero power unless they are all the same star value…then it moves up to “not terrible”)

The way points are calculated is based on the sum of your 5 hero’s hit points AFTER taking into account troops. So someone with the same team with mana/healing troops will have less hit points (and thus be worth fewer points) than the team with troops that add hit points.


We just found out the points are not equal. Our enemy team has a defense team of 3675 and the kill points are worth 70 points versus one team member who has a defense team of 3462 and kill points are worth 82 points. Their lowest team defense is 2889 worth 50 points compared to our lowest at 2267 worth the same amount of points!!! How is this fair! There is no way we could win…it’s impossible!!!
To add the team we are warring against 24 members are over 3400 defense…my team we only have 6 members over 3400. The 6 remaining on their team is still over 3200 defense. We have 13 teams with defense teams that range from 2200 to 2900!!

To more than half their teams have multiple fully leveled healers and with the arrow revenge attacks we are not able to even get in more than one hit per hero!

btw, I’m just curious - are both alliances 30/30 members?

@BeastMode18 I’m strictly talking within the same alliance. The division of points depends on the number of members and each ones power so it’s not apples to apples. Your problem is in the matchmaking thread, not here.

@Dante2377 How do you explain this?

The life of the teams are the same, over 6100.

Thanks anyways! Have a great day…Title states War Points Distribution…Reading my post I discuss War point Distribution. @Rook I responded not sure how my post was inappropriate. Sam was very rude by calling me out my name and appearing to have enough clout with @Rook to have a respectful comment hidden. His response which I screenshot should have not been edited but removed. I have no issue if this comment is hidden again because it is clear name calling is okay but being respectful is a forum violation.


Thanks for the explanation… I think I understand now. But it’s a really dumb way to divvy up the points…

Sam, Have a great day!


yes the hit point totals are 6116 and 6111, so within a fraction of 1%.

How exactly would you assign points (Remembering that 5* heroes have a built-in higher fudge factor in their “hero power” number, so that’s an even worse way to do it)?

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