War Matchups - Set those minds at ease



So I am making this thread for the sole reason to curb the backlash members have each time a war matchup is made.

What do we know?

War matchups are made according to the top heroes of each member that is partaking in the war as well as the amount of members taking part. It is not at all linked to the alliance score, Titan score etc.

So each time a war matchup is made I see many complaints regarding “Oh noooo”, our alliance score is 60k and we got matched against a 70k alliance, how is this fair?

It would be beneficial for the devs to look at what I propose which in the end will halt all the complaints we see each war.

On the Alliance Score ? tab we see a breakdown of Trophy count and Titan score which makes up the Alliance score. Have one more section here “War Rating”, here the matchup gets stated, in other words if two alliances are matched due to their hero values etc, give these values. Let us assume that the above two alliances of 60k and 70k, have War matchup rating values of 120 and 121, it would be awesome if in War Prep members can click the little question mark and see a third breakdown listing the 120 value and when clicking the enemy alliance see the 121 value.

This way every member immediately will see that 120 is very perfectly matched against 121 and thus will feel more relaxed regarding the matchup. Also here there is no visibility of how many members from the enemy alliance is actually taking part in the war. It might be that the 60k alliance with 30 members might only be fighting 25 enemy members.

So under War Ratingbfor your alliance:
Rating Score 120
Battlefield members 30

For the enemy alliance:
Rating Score 121
Battlefield enemies 25

As it is currently the view is more confusing to members seeing alliance scores (Which has nothing to do with the matchup), and feel negative.

Can this be brought in, please it will really set everyones mind at ease.

Hope I am making sense.


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