War Flags Use Requirement – require that each player use their 3 flags for the first segment before the 12 he mark or they lose them, or cut the time for war and just post the 6 flags at the very beginning

Among all other things, mentioned or not, it’s part of the strategy, in most cases, where weaker members using theirs for fixed targets, while strongest are keeping theirs for the reset or whatever…
So, I really don’t see any point in using all 6 flags during the first 10 minutes of the war, unless you want to reset the opponent 6 times and, I’m not really sure that’s possible…
Know about 4, maybe 5 resets, not really sure about 5, but, definitely not during the first 10 minutes…


The way the weekday war goes I am getting up and ready to leave for work when it starts. It is pretty much over when I get up next morning. The only time I have to devote to using my flags are in the evening after work, and I have to use all six then or not use them at all.

Granted I am not waiting until the end to use them, but I am not using any in the first 12 hours either.


That was a joke, obviously :slightly_smiling_face:

The strategy of farming weaker teams relies on timing relative to regeneration.

Done right, it leads to a higher overall score, which is exactly why many alliances (including mine) use variations of that strategy.

It requires a lot of coordination and communication, however.


I use my flags during the second half because I normally can’t hit during the first half. I’m hoping this idea goes nowhere


All energy

You should post this in Ideas & Feature Requests

I would vote for it.

1 day

3 war energy in the first half would make sense if war lasted 2 days. But since it lasts 1 day, this penalizes many people.

6 Days

I would actually like multiple day way


@zephyr1 As you know, exactly that is the key for successful alliances vs. not that successful… War is a game inside the game, it requires effort from every participant, from the preparation phase until the end… And, for those who are thinking that we’re doing some kind of magic, just because we’re using our flags very late, we’re not, we just know how to war, that’s all… War isn’t over until the counter counts zero… Unlike rides, war is about the teamwork, every single participant is doing their part… I can tell when an opponent is raiding, instead of war… It’s not about chasing personal score… The alliance is winning or losing… For everything else, there are raids…
War is the best part of being in the alliance, a good alliance… :wink:


You can play the same game as they do? Have your strongest team hold their flags?
But if you do that you also risk not having anyone for him to attack, unless you are confident in your ability to flip the opposing team?
I suggest you do as my alliance does and watch the flag usage of your opponent. If he hasn’t used any flag with 2 hours left, he may not be available, or he may be waiting to crush your spirit in the last hour.
Many teams do this, I’ve found several Russian teams especially that like to save all their heavy attacks for the last hour, it’s a viable strategy.
I understand it sucks to lose in this fashion (so do they, which is sometimes why they do it) but don’t be caught off guard.
As long as you are attacking your opponent and flipping them, your alliance should have more points than a couple of teams with 6 flags could possibly catch up to.
Sometimes them holding flags backfires, where they would have been better served flipping, or resetting, your alliance. Really not something to be concerned with, unless you are in a close contest and their, apparently, strongest team is holding 6 flags. That’s why me and a few teammates may hold a flag ourselves. Just a little insurance policy if your that concerned with someone using all their flags in the 2nd half.


I absolutely would too.

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I hold my flags toward the end because 1- it works better with my schedule and 2- I am one of the heavier hitter and we wait till several of us can go for a flip to use our flags.


I always hit war late! say this war I’ll be hitting around 3pm U.K. Time as that’s when I’ll probably be at home!
But I keep me eye out when I can, as if a clean up is needed for reset I will jump in n sort it!


Counting flags and what we have or not is a must… War == flags, wasted flags == defeat…
And as you @PapaHeavy said, be extremely careful with Russian and similar alliances, they’re doing that on purpose… So we are too…
The whole alliance is updating their rooster in the LINE, before every war…
I don’t think that "makers’’ ever thought what players will come up with, otherwise they wouldn’t introduce “Find Opponent” or “Auto Fill” attacking team… If you’re using that, just don’t :rofl:


@Emilly_TheGood, if anyone is using auto fill…I just feel their misery, and I also feel extremely sorry for them. Why not just auto play your war attack too? :joy::joy:

Oh and I wanted to add, my alliance uses Line for the same purpose. Like I mentioned we will hold flags, as long as it doesn’t interfere with a needed reset, to take out the stronger late spawning teams if that may be needed. There’s a lot of planning that can/should go into your AW’s. We take them quite seriously. We are a training alliance so we have many lower level, easy points, teams. We’ve learned to use that to our advantage. Teams tend to underestimate the importance of a tank buster/flank killer in these battle. Our lower level players are pretty amazing, they have no fear, took color stacking under their wing and can take out most tanks/Flanks no matter the strength or hero


I am ok with having the 6 flags since begining.

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@PapaHeavy Same here with lower lvls… Finally got them to realize to seize their moments and score big with “just” cleaning up… Lots of lower lvls players don’t realize that there are tons of points in the victory itself, instead to go against impossible and score 0 or maybe 1… Last war we won by only a few points, telling one of our lowest to just train whatever quickly and clean up… We won by a few points during the last 20 minutes or so :wink:


I feel the biggest issue is most are looking at this from a one player perspective and making decisions of this topic based on that.

SG’s concept of alliances and creating alliance wars is to work as a team (as one) using the advantages of multiple time zones thus REQUIRING alliance communication between players.

Many players seem to think that being in an alliance is mostly about hitting the titan daily to get rewards but it isn’t about that, it’s created to work as a team, to communicate and work together to achieve results one can’t on their own. We even coordinate titan hits towards the end to save flags for the next one…

The majority of complaints here can all be rendered (fixed) with plain and simple alliance communication as that is the only way to win in alliance wars and the way it was designed to participated in.

If you know you have a player that can’t use all their hits due to real life matters then discuss it and work around it, at least he wants to try and a make difference so accept it instead of placing blame, 3 hits are better than none.

An alliance is ALL about team work and helping each other out, working out who can do what and when, sorting out team strengths and when or who to hit.

If 30 members go in all as lone wolves then that alliance will most likely lose that war no matter how strong they are.

COMMUNICATION IS KEY to being in a good alliance ant the most IMPORATANT part of winning wars.


this is one of the most bizarre ideas i’ve heard

the way another team uses their flags, should have no effect on how your team uses theirs outside of nailbiter end of war situations where scores are close enough that you have to decide if risking 1 shots or playing safe with cleanups is the wiser route to close out the W, which by the way are the best wars and the way they should all end in my opinion


Lol, that communication is key,lol
Or that alliances are created to work as a team,lol

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the Op

20forum dysfunctions

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Yeah, I have my lower levels farm the weaker opponents early on… but I save all of my 6 for resets in the second half. It makes it easier for my team to coordinate resets when we have all of our flags available at one time, vs. having to try to figure out “hmm which team should I use in the first half and which heroes should I save for the second?” “who’s going to be on soon and who’s going to be on later?” No. Much better to just have everyone meet at one time to use all of our flags together.

Though yes, if the opponent has some weaker teams, I let our lower levels take them out with their lower flags in the beginning for the extra points.