War Flags Use Requirement – require that each player use their 3 flags for the first segment before the 12 he mark or they lose them, or cut the time for war and just post the 6 flags at the very beginning

If you are going to divide the wars into two segments, please require that each player use their 3 flags for the first segment before the 12 he mark or they lose them. Many players are boarding the flags and waiting until very late to fight back and is rather ridiculous. If you continue to allow this, then cut the time for war and just post the 6 flags at the very beginning. As it stands, many people sit their watching the field for like 20 hours before they start using any of their flags. I think a change to require use of the 3 before the 12 hour mark would level the playing field a little more. I would prefer this idea to shortening the length if you just allow the 6 flags to be used anytime.

WHY ??? What does it matter or hurt???


Just a few thoughts:

  1. Shortening the time - The time is set at 24 hrs to give all time zones the same ability to hit. I don’t think shortening the war time is a good idea. This could keep many from enjoying the game.

  2. What is the actual harm of players saving all flags until 2nd half? Besides being frustrating for you not knowing how many average points that player might possibly put on the board. There’s no numerical benefit to the team. It doesn’t hurt the war in any way. Again, except the you not knowing if that player will actually hit and a possible average for their hits.

  3. One of your suggestions is eliminating 1st and 2nd half and giving all flags at the beginning. What’s the difference between everyone using all flags at the start and holding all flags until the end? I don’t see how this would change anything. People will hit when they hit. Again, it’s not hurting anyone or adding a benefit.

  4. Requiring flags used in 1st half - This would also handicap some players as some are not able to hit during 1st half. For instance, the weekday wars start for me around 4:30 am. 2nd half starts at 4:30 pm. I work from 8:00 am and until 5:00 pm. The only way I could hit is to get up early or sneak in hits during work. Again, not a feasible idea just to ease your frustration at players not hitting when you want them to.


Hmm, umm, let me think about this idea…


I’ll use my flags when I want to use my flags. If it’s such an “exploit,” feel free to save yours for the end as well.

Though I’d really like to see some sort of rational explanation as to why you mistakenly believe that opponents saving flags until the end of the war is somehow unfair to you. What difference does it make if I kill your team now, or 12 hours from now? The points are still the same either way. :man_shrugging:


Their are many different strategies used when it comes to using hits in wars.

The bottom line of your delema is communication within your alliance.

As stated their are multiple time zones and players can only play according to theirs.

For us we plan 2 resets per match with a possible 3rd if the opponents are right, but even 2 resets can be done with all players using their 6 hits at the 2nd half.

You have no valid points there other than showing your alliance needs to learn to communicate better.


Yeah, I’m sorry, but part of my alliance’s war strategy is for us to all meet up at a predetermined time in the second half (whatever time is convenient for us) so that we can all coordinate our attacks together. Sometimes our opponent is already 2-3k ahead of us in points before we even begin our attacks. That’s when we pounce as a group and reset them as many times as we can.

It’s their own fault if they didn’t plan for that possibility. Great lesson in humility for those who decide not to use all of their flags because “oh we’re so far ahead, we’re gonna win anyway,” without checking to see how many flags my team still has left. I guess they just assume we weren’t planning on using them. That’s what they get for assuming.


I am 100% against this idea. We all have lives outside of this game. Saturday is usually a very busy day for me. I often can’t get online until the very end of the day. Why should I lose my flags? Me having 6 at the end of the war isn’t an unfair advantage in any way. Nope. Definitely against this.


LOL, don’t ya just love that strategy, it’s our favourite.

We have 4 main big hitters, myself included where our average is 5/6 but mostly 6 for 6 agaisnt all the strongest opponents, so yea we wait and give the others a chance to use their hits where they can and then coordinate our hits for our resets. A few of use have alt acc’s so we can also take care of the clean that needs to be done.
We also stick around and coordinate our hits as a team and we win 95% of the time.

Without communication you are nothing but a lone wolf hitting your head agaisnt a massive tree.


If I were making a suggestion for war, it would be to give all 6 flags up front and have it last the same 24 hours. Why? Because the current setup handicaps the players who are not able to hit during the 2nd half…


Now this idea, I would support.


I save my flags, nothing wrong with that


I would definitely be all for this idea! All six attacks up front would be nice.


This is how wars are lost, using everything you got before you allow your enemy to show their hand…


I’m sorry OP, I’m usually open to different opinions and such, I just think your proposition is a really bad idea. It would be like telling players that they can’t collect titan loot unless they hit the titan in the first 12 hours. Well maybe the titan spawned when I was asleep and I have to get up and go to work in the morning. But wait! Now I have to set my alarm earlier and make sure I hit the titan and use my war flags first, because E&P is obviously more important than everything else in my life. :neutral_face: And any member of my alliance who refuses to make their lives revolve around E&P time must be kicked for lack of dedication.

Surely you are not actually suggesting that people put their entire lives on hold because “oh hang on, I really have to do this thing in this game on my phone first… trust me, it’s really important….”

… that, and, as @MAcC said, I kinda like luring my war opponents into a false sense of security. If they’re not willing or able to reserve flags for a coordinated second half attack, then they had better make sure to put up a really strong push in the first half. Rather than just “attack, attack, attack… oh they’re not attacking us back… I guess we won, so I don’t need to use these other flags…” The war ain’t over until it’s over!


Besides luring your opponents into a false sense of security, here’s a few more fun strategy thoughts:

  1. You can terrorize your opponents by continually popping on throughout the war ‘day’. They’ll know you’re there… just watching… and waiting… :rofl:

  2. Are you facing a mixed opponent with teams small enough to use the reset timer? If so, your bigger teams will want to hold their flags while your smaller teams take on your opponents small teams. Get those reset timers going to take out those small teams again… and again… and again… Poor little teams… Regardless, you’ll still end with the same result - players holding flags until 2nd half.

  3. Holding flags until 2nd half may be beneficial for resets. We sometimes have certain players hang onto their flags so we KNOW there’s a player with big enough teams to get through those last few tough teams for a reset.

I’m sure there’s more, but these are just the most fun :laughing:


Oh we do all of that! Not with the explicit intentions of terrorizing our opponents… but if the opponent has any weak teams on the board, I have our lower members use their weaker war teams to take them out early on, while reserving our strongest flags for the end. In the meantime, they might see some of us log on sporadically to hit the titan or fill our chests or whatever, but we don’t even touch the bigger teams until the end.


I have 2 cousins and a rl friend that , we wait and strategize our plays together. Team work makes the dream work.


For us an international alliance with members at different time zones, we use the strategy for coordinated attack and set a time when everyone would most likely be available.

Therefore, several flags would be unused until we are set and ready, neither can I see how this impact wrongly on the war on either side.

The war flags arrangement is okay as it is, I won’t support any restricted time usage.


Yes! That’s exactly how my alliance operates. Friends and family alliance, my girlfriend and I basically run it and coordinate war attacks when everyone is able to be online. Strong opponent? Maybe we send a strong team after it, or we send a medium team in to weaken it first. Then we have the weaker teams clean up the weakened opponents.

It’s actually a lot of fun to war together as a team, instead of each member just logging on individually and hitting opponents at random.


While i do understand that having all 6 flags at once is rather comfortable for players that have problems log in multiple times, i actually prefer the 3 and 3 formula.
It prevent people to misuse their hits, or on reverse big hitters to do all the job almost instantely.

Yes, sometimes people may miss some hits and lose a war for that, but that’s what makes the difference between a competitive alliance or not.
And if i have to say, it’s another way for Small Giant to makes you log in more frequently.

TL;dr: i understand your point of view but nope, i’m against it.


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