Voting system change

Can we please change the system of voting for 'ideas & feature requests? Having only 5 votes total for your account is pointless and makes it unnecessarily difficult to register approval for anything but your absolute favorite ideas. If you like this suggestion, please click vote, get the 403 error, click ‘list your votes’, find the one you like least, remove your vote from it, and then put that vote here. Thanks!

Waste of time. Why is there a limit on votes anyway, makes no sense at all and benefits nobody including this forum.


As the voting system stands, because of the ridiculous vote limit, now I just don’t bother voting for ideas at all. I did make a special exception for this thread though because it advocates reforming the current broken system.

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I think they limit the number of votes to force us to only vote for those things that are most important. The problem is there’s so little that’s asked for that’s inplemented or directly refused (aka we’re told we’re wasting time and votes on it) that we run out of votes faster than we can sneeze

How many votes do you actually get? This is one of the most f***ed up things I’ve ever seen.

Haha. Everyone gets x votes that way we won’t have to change anything cause never enough votes because of having to change your votes.

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