Visible hp of opponent team in raids

Just like in war where you can see how much is the hp of your and the opponent team. With 5* troops this has become relevant and when I’m raiding I want to know what am I dealing with

Hm… having read this a few times… I’m not entirely sure how this would work. A health bar for a single raid opponent before you attack would always be full – at 100%.

So I assume you want something which is somehow comparative in raids? Note that even this isn’t in war, health bars for teams are just at 100% before they are attacked. Given stat creep, the theoretical maximum HP will change with the release of new heroes. Plus the specific effects of 5* troops. So for most opponents the bar would be partial?

Perhaps I didn’t explain it quite accurate. For example, this is from war:

What I meant is this kind of information to be visible in raids too. Now you can see the hp of a hero, but without the bonus from troops

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That now makes much more sense. :thumbsup:

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