Victory in Jesus is looking for you!

Victory in Jesus is laid back christian alliance where we consider each others as family!
We have been playing together for long time, longest members have been here for over 2 years. We help each others out and we really care for each other!
We require hitting the titan and using war hits if you opt in!
We require 1000 trophies.

We currently have 25/30 members and we are hitting 8-11 star titans

We have Line chat also which we just started using but we prefer everyone to join if possible. you can find me there @SuicideOG

Feel free to ask but I know we are happy to get you to our family!

We are still looking for 5 new members to join us!

4 slots free and we have a special Titan currently!

4 Spots available! We are looking to get better with you!

Our christian community is looking for 4 new members =)

4 members still short. One joined but one left because cant be active for a while!

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